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New Ford Inventory Just Under 100 Days’ Supply In March

Following a long period of time when new Ford inventory was near record-low levels, easing supply chain shortages have resulted in quite the opposite – a bit of a glut. Things have improved as of late, however, with new Ford inventory levels closing out February at a 91 days’ supply versus 104 in January, though the automaker continues to roll out new incentives in an effort to keep driving inventory levels down and make room for new 2024 models. Regardless, new Ford inventory levels actually increased in March versus February, according to new data from Cox Automotive.

March 2024 New Vehicle Inventory Days' Supply By Brand Cox Automotive

Last month, new Ford inventory levels came in at a 97 days’ supply, increasing a bit compared to February and remaining far above the industry average of 72 days’. This ranks Ford near the high end of the spectrum, behind only Jaguar, Dodge, Ram, Alfa Romeo, and Fiat – which all had inventory levels that were at least double the national average – as well as Lincoln, Jeep, Chrysler, Volvo, Polestar, Mazda, Infiniti, Genesis, and Nissan.

The U.S. new vehicle average of 72 days’ supply is seven days better than February, however, as the total U.S. supply of available unsold new vehicles opened April at 2.77 million units – 870,000 units or 46 percent more than one year ago, and slightly higher than March’s 2.74 million, which helps put Ford’s increase into perspective.

Ford Bronco Freedom of Choice Ad Campaign - Exterior 001 - Front

In terms of list pricing, the market averaged $47,240 at the end of March, which is a mere one percent or $177 higher than March 2023. Regardless, it’s clear that new vehicle pricing remains a big issue with consumers, as vehicles with price tags of less than $40,000 have the lowest inventory levels, while those costing more are sitting well above the industry average.

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  1. William J. Offutt jr.

    Look at the top 12 Companies with the lowest Inventory ! The are selling vehicles , but look at Ford with the highest inventory ! Big Difference.

  2. Bruce Holberg

    This is not price dependent as the guy in the article says. Range Rover, Cadillac, BMW and Porsche all are below average. I do wonder, however, if Ford/Lincoln standing is largely dependent upon number of units produced. Fisher, for example, can look much better than Ford because they probably produce 5 or 10 percent as many units.
    Oh! Do you think that the stories about Ford’s QC might have gotten out?


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