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1964 Lincoln Continental Owned By Lyndon Johnson Up For Auction Again

Back in November 2022, a 1964 Lincoln Continental owned by Lyndon B. Johnson – the 36th President of the United States – surfaced for sale at auction. By the time the hammer fell, the luxurious drop top sold for a whopping $172,000, which isn’t terribly surprising given its historical prominence and the presence of loads of documentation confirming that it was, in fact, owned by LBJ himself. However, some time later, this same 1964 Lincoln Continental is now up for grabs yet again via Bring a Trailer.

1964 Lincoln Continental Owned By Lyndon Johnson - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

This time around, LBJ’s Lincoln Continental is essentially unchanged, save for the 8k or so miles the last owner added to its odometer, which means they were more than happy to actually use it. Notably, it was originally sold to The LBJ Co. of Austin, Texas, and subsequently used by President Johnson at his central-Texas ranch before it was refurbished in the early 2000s.

1964 Lincoln Continental Owned By Lyndon Johnson - Interior 001

That work included a respray in the car’s original Arctic White hue, and it sports some notable features including a power-retractable white convertible soft top, rear-hinged rear doors, and even a removable magnet indicating President Johnson’s prior ownership. Peek inside, and one will find a redone interior as well, equipped with beige leather seats that are power-adjustable up front, air conditioning, power windows, and vacuum-operated power door locks.

1964 Lincoln Continental Owned By Lyndon Johnson - Engine Bay 001

LBJ’s Lincoln Continental is powered by the naturally-aspirated Ford 430 cubic-inch V8, which in this guise was factory-rated to produce 320 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque, flowing to the rear wheels via three-speed automatic transmission. As was previously the case, it comes with loads of documentation including historic photos, dealer paperwork, and other goods – making it a pretty cool collectible for LBJ fans and/or just history buffs alike.

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  1. Michael

    So, that’s what the racists drove in the 1960’s…

    1. ArtG

      You’re aware that LBJ got the Civil Rights Act passed, right?

      1. Roberta Eleanor Lee

        Mike means anti-white racists. The only kinds of racists and racism conservative white no-woke folk care about. Poor WASPs…..gettin’ more invisibiler by the minute.

  2. Johnnie F.

    LBJ oversaw the escalation of the American presence in the Vietnam war. And the Lincoln Continental was one heck of a car. I owned one. Like a tank. Great memories of it!

  3. G O PEE

    Nixon commited treason to win the election and Vietnam continued for several more years. Johnson neogotiated a peace deal that nixon blew up


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