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1989 Laforza With Ford F-150 Lightning V8 Up For Auction

Among the many small car makers that have existed throughout the course of history, one of the more interesting is Laforza – or “Rayton-Fissore Magnum” as it was known in other markets – an Italian brand that – like DeTomaso and Qvale – leaned on a variety of Ford-based powerplants for its vehicles. Though the SUVs made by Laforza were build in scant quantities, a small handful are still around after the Italian company gave up its mission years ago, giving those that live in the states the chance to own one of these rare and interesting models.

1989 Laforza With Ford F-150 Lightning V8 - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

In fact, we saw a 1989 Laforza SUV surface for sale with an older pushrod 5.0L V8 back in 2020, followed by a very interesting example packing the 5.8L V8 used in the first-generation Ford F-150 SVT Lightning roughly one year later. Now, the latter Laforza has once again surfaced for sale, this time, via Cars & Bids.

Aside from its powerplant – which was originally rated to produce 240 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque – this Laforza is also equipped with a four-speed automatic transmission driving all four wheels, as well as quite a few luxurious amenities inside the cabin. Those appointments include things like leather upholstery, wood trim, front and rear air conditioning, power seats, and a power sunroof.

1989 Laforza With Ford F-150 Lightning V8 - Interior 001

This 1989 Laforza isn’t exactly in perfect condition, as it has the typical paint flaws, weathered trim, and creases in the leather seats that one would expect to find in a vehicle of this vintage. In fact, it even takes time to start in cold weather, intermittently stalls when it does, and the odometer also resets itself to zero when it feels like it. Then there’s the list of things that don’t work – the power locks, windshield washer, and trip computer, to name just a few.

1989 Laforza With Ford F-150 Lightning V8 - Engine Bay 001

Regardless, as one of just 1,200 units imported into the U.S. bearing the Laforza name, this SUV is certainly rare, meaning that those interested in owning the quirky model don’t have many chances to do so. At least we can take solace in the fact that it utilizes a reliable and common powertrain, at least, and parts for those components are still quite easy to find.

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  1. No thanks on this one

    Looks like some kid has had their way with it. Ugly aftermarket shifter, spray painted wheels, I wouldn’t touch this thing with a 10 foot pole. Has probably had the crap beat out of it.

    I like these, but I think this one has been rode hard and put away wet.

    1. Dale Dantoni

      When you’re at that age when a “Kid” could be anywhere from 16-50.

      The sunglasses tell me this is a Gen Xer behind the wheel and we all know they’re incapable of making good decisions


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