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2015-2016 Ford C-Max Among Good Choices For Teens

The Ford C-Max is one of several models that was discontinued years ago, though in this case, it continues to garner praise due to the fact that it has a ton of value to offer in the used vehicle market. In that realm, Consumer Reports has blessed the Ford C-Max with all sorts of accolades in recent years, largely due to not only its reasonable pricing, but also, excellent fuel economy, modern amenities, and solid reliability. Now, that list has grown yet again.

Recently, Consumer Reports and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) teamed up to create a list of the best cars for teenage drivers, and in the realm of The Blue Oval, the also-now-discontinued Ford Edge ranked among the “best” choices in that regard. However, it wasn’t alone, as the 2015-2016 Ford C-Max made the cut as a “good” choice, and an affordable one at that with an average list price of $7,100.

To make the list of good choices for teens, vehicles must have a curb weight of more than 2,750 pounds and earn “good” ratings from IIHS in its original moderate overlap front, original side, roof strength, and head restraint tests, as well as an acceptable or good rating in the driver-side small overlap test, plus above-average reliability, emergency handling, and dry braking scores from Consumer Reports.

This isn’t the first time the Ford C-Max has been recognized as being a great choice for teens, either – in fact, it also made the cut last year, too. Additionally, Consumer Reports has also recently added the C-Max to its lists of being one of the most fun cars to drive, the best used vehicles that cost less than $15k, and one of the best overall used cars for 2024, too.

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  1. R pierce

    Bring cmax back all electric

  2. Brad Barefoot

    Bring back the C-Max Hybrid … then bring in from Ford of Europe the “Grand C-Max” mini van, don’t listen to the “intellectuals” from product research, listen to your customers. I’ve got a “bur” under my saddle … the last four new Fords I’ve bought … you discontinued, it leave a bad feeling for what your future hold when the “intellectuals” from product research always get it wrong. Ford, you discontinued the Flex, Fusion, Edge, and the C-Max. Here’s a $Billion Dollar Sales Suggestion … bring back the Crown Vic, and build it in RWD, and all the eye candy, the wire wheel covers, etc … and oh yes a Ford Country Squire Wagon … Ford build what the people want, or customers like me will continue to shop your competition … The Asian car companies are listening … you’re not.

  3. Lurch

    I wish the C-Max hadn’t been discontinued, but this shows how out of touch CR is. What teenager would want to drive one?


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