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2024 Ford Edge Once Again Among CR’s Best SUVs Under $40,000

The Ford Edge has long been a favorite of Consumer Reports, with the mid-size crossover racking up accolades such as one of the best new SUVs that cost less than $40k, one of the best mid-size SUVs for the money, and one of the best American vehicles on sale today. Now, shortly after the last 2024 Ford Edge rolled off the assembly line – marking the discontinuation of the long-running model – that trend continues, as the same consumer organization has once again praised the crossover for being one of the very best such models on the market with a price tag of less than $40k.

This list of the best SUVs for under $40k is ranked based on Consumer Reports‘ overall score, a metric that’s determined by combining its own test data, along with feedback from its owner surveys and key safety information, all rolled into one. The list contains both two- and three-row models, as well as a list of available safety features for each vehicle, with each having an as-tested price of less than $40k.

In that regard, the 2024 Ford Edge made the cut with an overall score of 79, tying it with the Subaru Outback, Kia Sportage Hybrid, and Toyota Venza in the two-row crossover/SUV space. All of those models ranked behind the Subaru Forester (88), Honda CR-V (85), Hyundai Tucson Hybrid (85), and Hyundai Tucson (82).

As for the 2024 Ford Edge, specifically, Consumer Reports praised the crossover for being roomy and capable, with smooth, quiet acceleration, a spacious and comfortable interior, and ample cargo space. On the downside, CR found the Edge to have a bit of an uncomfortable driving position thanks to a footrest that’s too close to the driver. Otherwise, there aren’t too many bones to pick here, as the Edge boasts plenty of attractive standard equipment including a 12-inch touchscreen with Sync 4, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind spot warning, and rear cross-traffic alert.

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  1. Ricky

    Dagnabbit, they stopped making the Ford Edge? What are they thinking about? Once they prefect a model that everyone loves and that every other car manufacturer has copied its style, Ford decides to stop producing them. Go figure.

  2. Mike K

    If they would have had a PHEV version I would have traded my 2020 Edge for one. I traded for a 2023 Santa Fe Limited PHEV. 9,000+ miles averaging 84.7 mpg.

  3. rapturd

    My friend has an edge 3.5 on its third engine maybe fourth

    1. William R Burkholder

      Year of that edge?

  4. FusionPilot

    Ford seems to be following the long-time behavior of its big cross-town rival. GM has for years cancelled popular vehicles just when they were catching on. Too many bean counters in the auto business.

  5. Tk

    Ford and GM will be owned in 5 years by either Kia, Honda or Toyoto.

  6. Fordfan

    A stupid travesty that Ford isn’t bringing a replacement Edge. Why lose out on market share in the 2-row midsize SUV segment, especially with a loyal base of Edge customers?

  7. Jim Reynolds

    I don’t understand why Ford is not continuing the Edge when it is doing so good. It was going to be my next car in a couple of years.

  8. Richard Schwake

    If I was a Ford stock holder, I’d question Ford’s decision to discontinue the Ford Edge. I own my second Ford Edge and will probably drive it for another 10 years. It’s a remarkable car and my wife loves it. It’s the most reliable car I have ever owned

  9. Paul Palumbo

    Always wanted one and when time is right I’ll find a good used one like I did with my Fusion. Ford along with the rest of US manufacturers are making HUGE HUGE mistakes.

  10. Kevin

    Just bought ‘22 with only 6,700 miles titanium for 31k I’m so excited. New prices are outrageous

  11. James

    And again, Fords Jim Farley screwing up, canceling a vehicle people liked and bought.
    When will this company wise up and get rid of Jim, and the Board of Mis-directors that keep buying off on these horrible business decisions?

  12. Dianne

    I have a 2024 Ford Edge & am highly disappointed. I had a 2013 which I loved. The 2024 has So many bad designs it’s definitely not a keeper. The small armrest sits so far back I am unable to rest my arm on it and grip the Steering wheel. The back up camera is totally useless in the rain. The windshield wipers come up directly in The view of the drivers windshield, making it difficult to see during heavy rains because it pulls the water up. I love the 2013 edge, but never again while I buy another Ford

  13. Elena

    We love our Edges: 2010, 2015 and 2023! So spacious compared to other vehicles of the same size.

  14. Earl

    So Farley stops making it???

    He needs to be run off before his Biden cool aid kills the company


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