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2024 Ford Ranger Pricing Compared To GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado, And Toyota Tacoma

The midsize pickup segment has had something of a renaissance over the past year or so. Nearly two years ago, the 2023 Chevy Colorado made its debut with a revamped powertrain lineup and a host of new features, alongside its corporate sibling, the 2023 GMC Canyon. Following suit, the all-new 2024 Toyota Tacoma arrived with a completely redesigned exterior and interior, presenting a formidable challenge to the next-generation 2024 Ford Ranger. Now that pricing has been released for all three rivals, Ford Authority delves deeper into how each midsize pickup stacks up in terms of affordability.

2024 Chevrolet Colorado vs 2024 GMC Canyon vs 2024 Ford Ranger vs 2024 Toyota Tacoma Pricing
Trim Level Drivetrain 2024 Colorado 2024 Canyon 2024 Ranger 2024 Tacoma
WT 2WD $31,095 - - -
SR XtraCab 2WD - - - $32,995
XL 2WD - - $34,265 -
WT 4WD $34,395 - - -
LT 2WD $33,495 - - -
SR Double Cab 5-Ft Bed 2WD - - - $35,195
SR XtraCab 4WD - - - $36,195
LT 4WD $36,795 - - -
Elevation 2WD - $37,595 - -
SR5 XtraCab 2WD - - - $37,695
XLT 2WD - - $37,705 -
XL 4WD - - $37,910 -
SR Double Cab 5-Ft Bed 6MT 4WD - - - $38,395
SR Double Cab 5-Ft Bed 4WD - - - $38,395
SR5 Double Cab 5-Ft Bed 2WD - - - $38,765
Trail Boss 4WD $38,895 - - -
SR5 Double Cab 6-Ft Bed 2WD - - - $39,265
TRD PreRunner XtraCab 4WD - - - $39,595
Elevation 4WD - $40,895 - -
SR5 XtraCab 4WD - - - $40,895
TRD Sport Double Cab 5-Ft Bed 2WD - - - $40,895
XLT 4WD - - $41,190 -
TRD Sport Double 6-Ft Bed 2WD - - - $41,395
Z71 4WD $41,795 - - -
SR5 Double Cab 5-Ft Bed 4WD - - - $41,965
SR5 Double Cab 6-Ft Bed 4WD - - - $42,465
TRD Sport Double Cab 5-Ft Bed 6MT 4WD - - - $43,295
TRD Off-Road Double 5-Ft Bed 6MT 4WD - - - $43,295
TRD Sport Double Cab 5-Ft Bed 4WD - - - $44,095
TRD Off-Road Double 5-Ft Bed 4WD - - - $44,395
AT4 4WD - $44,595 - -
TRD Sport Double Cab 6-Ft Bed 4WD - - - $44,595
TRD Off-Road Double Cab 6-Ft Bed 4WD - - - $44,895
Lariat 2WD - - $45,225 -
TRD Sport i-Force MAX 4WD - - - $47,795
TRD Off-Road i-Force MAX 4WD - - - $48,095
ZR2 4WD $48,395 - - -
Lariat 4WD - - $48,710 -
Denali 4WD - $52,595 - -
Limited Double Cab 5-Ft Bed 4WD - - - $53,595
AT4X 4WD - $55,895 - -
Raptor 4WD - - $57,065 -
Limited i-Force MAX 4WD - - - $57,295
ZR2 Bison Edition 4WD $60,095 - - -
Trailhunter i-Force MAX 4WD - - - $64,395
TRD Pro i-Force MAX 4WD - - - $65,395
AT4X AEV Edition 4WD - $65,995 - -
DFC (included in prices above) $1,595 $1,595 $1,595 $1,495

Note that all prices mentioned account for the destination freight charge (DFC), which is $1,595 for the Colorado, Canyon and Ranger, and $1,495 for the Tacoma. Right out of the gate, we see that the 2024 Chevy Colorado is the most affordable of the bunch, priced at $31,095 to start for the base WT trim in rear-wheel-drive guise. The equivalent from the Toyota camp is the 2024 Tacoma SR XtraCab, starting at $32,995, while the base 2024 Ford Ranger XL slots in at $34,265. Finally, the 2024 GMC Canyon Elevation is the priciest of the base models, starting at $37,595.

Moving down the list, however, we find that while the 2024 Toyota Tacoma offers the biggest variety of configurations, that also comes at a price, as it’s more expensive than its comparable rivals across the board. For example, the off-road-focused four-wheel-drive Chevy Colorado Z71 runs $41,795, compared to the Tacoma SR5, which starts at $41,695 with the shorter bed configuration. Comparably, the 2024 Ford Ranger XLT equipped with 4WD starts at $41,190, making it the more affordable rival in this instance.

Each midsize pickup also offers a high-performance off-road variant. The 2024 Ford Ranger Raptor has its rivals beat in the value department – it carries a price of at $57,065 to start, quite a bit less than the Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison Edition, which starts at $60,095.

The Ranger Raptor is also much more affordable than the comparable Tacoma variants, the Trailhunter and the TRD Pro, which start at $64,395 and $65,395, respectively. The Ranger Raptor’s starting price point also pales in comparison to that of the 2024 GMC Colorado AT4X AEV Edition, which is the priciest pickup in the herd at $65,995 to start.

Overall, the 2024 Ford Ranger is a decent deal compared to its rivals, and buyers in the market for a capable but manageably sized pickup would do well to check out The Blue Oval’s offering. Indeed, the Ranger emerged as the winner in a side-by-side battle against its closest rivals, outshining the Colorado and Tacoma and establishing itself as the pick of the litter for a blend of everyday comfort and off-road capabilities.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. rapturd

    Raptor msrp will be raised soon enough without dealer ADM

  2. ben

    Most of the GM models have rear seat vents, auto 4WD, and some ventilated seats, all of which the Ranger does not offer.

  3. Dwayne D

    Pretty good buy? Overpriced by $2000 to $4000. Over competition. Ford is making some really bad decisions. They think they are infallible. What arrogance. Stop buying, it’s the only way prices will come down.

  4. The Retired Viking

    How many miles to the recall?

  5. Raymond Gaidusek

    We ordered our Ranger Lariat in December 2023 and still have not received it or a build date. What is the hang up? Getting tired of waiting. I do not know why I leave a comment since no one will reply to the comment.

  6. Dan

    Who are you expecting to reply to your comment?

  7. MAC

    To help answer your question, between the UAW Strike shutdown of this particular assembly plant, then a quality control issue being found (the hood design not fitting right?), they just starting delivering Rangers roughly last month, so I’d plan on waiting a while. They need to get normal stock retail units out asap, not to mention any sort of chance for commercial and fleet pent up demand. I’d try to find the closest you can out of retail stock units rather than wait, even look further out than local to you on Autotrader and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. Many, if not most dealers have experience with door to door delivery after the pandemic. Test drive local, buy anywhere you can find it. Seeing that it’s new, not used, it’s not really a “sight unseen” issue. Good luck, it should be a great truck!


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