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2025 Ford Explorer ST Prices Raised Ahead Of Launch

The refreshed 2025 Ford Explorer just debuted back in early February, though production of that updated model is already underway at the Chicago Assembly plant. The new Explorer brings forth revised exterior and interior styling and the addition of some new tech, though interestingly, certain trims and configurations are actually cheaper than the outgoing model. That wasn’t true of the high-performance 2025 Ford Explorer ST, however, as it was set to be $5,100 pricier than its predecessor, and now, it has received another price increase ahead of its launch, according to CarsDirect.

2025 Ford Explorer ST Price Changes
2025 Ford Explorer Prices – May 9th 2025 Ford Explorer Prices – May 8th + / – May 8th Price
Active (XLT) $39,625 $39,625 $0
ST-Line $44,385 $44,385 $0
ST RWD $55,505 $55,205 +$300
ST AWD $59,200 $57,205 +$1995
Platinum $51,525 $51,525 $0
Destination and Delivery $1,595 $1,595 $0

In this latest round of price increases, the 2025 Ford Explorer ST will now cost $300 more in rear-wheel drive guise, bringing its starting MSRP up to $55,505, while the all-wheel drive configuration is $1,995 pricier at $59,200. As for the rest of the 2025 Explorer lineup, it remains unchanged this time around.

The 2025 Ford Explorer has received a host of updates as part of its latest mid-cycle refresh, which include a revamped trim level lineup that now consists of the Active, Platinum, ST-Line, and ST, paired with numerous styling revisions to its front fascia, headlights, air curtains, and rear taillights/tailgate area.

The same goes for the inside, which has been tweaked to increase front row legroom while also adding things like new soft touch surfaces, Ford Digital Experience software, and a 13.2-inch infotainment screen. In terms of powertrains, customers have two choices, at least for now – the turbocharged 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost, which is standard in the Active, Platinum, and ST-Line, and the twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 EcoBoost, which is standard in the ST and optional in the Platinum.

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  1. Joe

    Sadly, no Hybrid versions. Missing an opportunity to keep up with Toyota. Consumers need to see Ranger, Explorer, Navigator and Expedition Hybrid offerings.

    1. Davido49

      They are coming in ’25 or sooner . Bet on it! There’s definitely trolling goin on here.

      1. James

        No they aren’t. Jim Farley is so behind in what’s happening to Ford, with not offering vehicles people want, only what the agenda says, he and the Board of Mis-directors are killing the company.

  2. rapturd

    Did they fix the rear end from falling out

    1. Davido49

      Never heard that happening.. must be thinking of Hyundai/KIA.

  3. Bob Dobson

    Unfortunately they are going to price the ST model into extinction. It’s the most popular trim line so they want to capitalize on profits. The quality just doesn’t support that increase so the consumer will look elsewhere. As the owner of a current ST I am leaving the brand and buying a 25 Tahoe RST. QC at the Arlington TX Assembly Plant right now is significantly better then Chicago Assembly and the employees at Arlington don’t hate the customer.

    1. Davido49

      That’s some interesting speculation on ur part! Unfounded completely. Chicago Assembly has been around a long time w/dedicated employees an excellent management team. Why not consider the Expedition? It more a competitor to the Tahoe than Explorer is.

    2. Disillusioned

      This is spot on. Couldn’t have said it better. This generation of Explorer is total garbage. The “hate the customer” remark is 100%. Look at what they were doing to police interceptor models to sabotage them. Ford has a long way to go to improve the reputation of the Explorer to justify 60k for it, I don’t care how fast or pretty it is.

    3. James

      They are increasing the price on the best selling, models to make up for the huge deficit, and losses incurred with the unbridled EV push, that cost Ford 100,000 loss per vehicle manufactured.
      Another Jim Farley Screw up decision!

  4. Codered

    No Timberline, mandatory leaky sunroof on some models and limited colors

    1. Davido49

      It’s gonna be a hit. Excellent styling revisions to exterior & interior.

      1. James

        To expensive, mediocre interior ,low quality Mexican sourced parts , and reliability issues. Why is that worthy of your money?

  5. Davido49

    This comment board needs a moderator! The trolling by jealous competitor brands is clearly showing.

    1. James

      When a Formerly World class company, suddenly is driven to stop building Cars almost totally, and sinks 90 percent of it’s future operations into a market with limited appeal to a 20 percent clientele ( EVs) and then doubles down on their bad decisions by NOT LISTENING to the public that used to buy their vehicles they lose customers, sometimes forever.
      Only one to blame here again, is Jim Farley, and the weak minded Board of Mis-directors that support his ideas.
      Ford needs to stop discontinuing models people want, and bought, start building more efficient vehicles ( every vehicle produced needs a HYBRID option) and knock off the pricing them at 60k plus, for a more unreliable vehicle.

  6. Craig Catapano

    I have a loaded 2016 Explorer Limited 3.5 with 200k miles.
    The fact that there is no N/A 3.5 V6 offered takes me out of the running for my 6th Explorer.
    No interest in a hybrid
    No interest in an EV.
    I am a Professional Chauffeur and use my Explorer exclusively for business use.

    Shame. I have had 5 explorers,

  7. Mf

    I had a feeling that the ST was never gonna stay under 60k loaded like the initial pricing had it. That was a couple grand cheaper than the 23/24 fully loaded.

    For as much as $60k sounds like a lot of money for this, it absolutely blows everything else in segment away in terms of value. Tahoe RST Performance is like 20k more and doesn’t have cooled seats. Grand Cherokee L only offers the much lower performance 5.7 V8, at higher price. MDX Type S is way more money, as are the German equivalents.

  8. David

    I guess being a die hard Ford fan and owner of more than 45 of their vehicles in my family up to my current Explorer ST over time makes me biased ? So be it….I have had zero major issues with any during the past 45 years and I find the ST to be well built and a blast to drive. Are there better equipped vehicles out there… of course as in any segment but I’ve always found Ford products to have far better driving dynamics than most others….and yes I also owned a Big Money Wasted that did not live up to the slogan.
    I come from a Ford owning family from 1954 onwards and as my Dad always stated….you are not buying a Rolls Royce or a Cadillac….you are buying great value for money….And I sincerely believe that

    1. James

      Well your dad was right. So sad today’s Ford, isn’t that company, and doesn’t build those vehicles anymore.
      I took USED to be a Ford only guy. However when Jim Farley decided to discontinue all normal cars, and push EVs, and limit the line up to dinosaur gas hog trucks and a couple SUVs, he picked his own poison.
      Millions of lost customers, flocked to other manufacturers that were still making cars, and more affordable SUVs including HYBRIDs that get better mileage with all the power. Jim’s idea, we will cut out the HYBRIDS we made, only sell to Police for the Explorer, and stick with things like the EV -F-150 that they are losing 100k on every sale on.
      So while Dad was right in his day, today Ford and their vehicles don’t cut it. Because you have been lucky with ones you have, doesn’t mean thousands of others have been stuck with lemons, and recalls and all the low quality issues of Today’s Fords.

  9. 22ST_owner

    Hopefully they fixed the rear axle from falling out. (ST specific problem) There is a fix if this happens, but it’s just a new bolt. Dunno if it’s harder or softer, but they should be using BOTH bolts and not just one.


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