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2025 Ford Maverick Hybrid AWD Is Apparently Happening: Pics

When the Ford Maverick launched for the 2022 model year, it did so to much fanfare, and since then, the compact pickup has been one of the most sought-after new vehicles on the market. However, there is one particular configuration that isn’t currently available that shoppers have been claiming for – an all-wheel drive hybrid – but judging by this prototype recently spotted by Ford Authority, such a thing appears to be on the way as part of the 2025 Ford Maverick refresh.

This 2025 Ford Maverick prototype sports a lot of the same exterior styling updates as previously-spotted models, but there is one particular area that sets it apart from the pack – the tailgate, where we can clearly see both “hybrid” and “AWD” badging. This seemingly confirms that the 2025 Ford Maverick will finally offer this particular combination, which has thus far been absent from the lineup, as the hybrid version of the compact pickup can only currently be had in front-wheel drive guise. However, the Ford Escape – which shares the C2 platform with the Maverick – has been offered with this combination for some time.

Aside from that revelation, this 2025 Ford Maverick prototype is equipped with a black front bumper, which indicates that this particular design hasn’t yet been finalized. Regardless, the front end design is a bit different than some other prototypes we’ve seen recently, with a diamond-shaped grille pattern versus the vertically slotted unit present on some possibly sportier variants, albeit with the same modernized headlight design and large, sporty looking wheels.

Inside the cabin, we can also clearly see the refreshed Maverick’s larger infotainment screen, which looks very much like the 13.2-inch unit that’s already available in the Escape and 2024 Mustang. In this case, the screen looks to be running SYNC 4 software, not the new Ford Digital Experience system, however.

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  1. Wes

    Make it where the Transfer case can be put in neutral, and I will buy one. (Flat Tow Behind RV). The standard Hybrid FWD can be, but the EcoBoost AWD cannot. DUMB.

    1. Chapystick

      You don’t understand how the transfer case works then. 99% of modern transverse AWD vehicles have a transfer case and rear driveshaft that is always driven (by the front differential) and then there are wet clutches in the rear diff usually actuated by an electromagnetic coupler that simply allow slip under normal conditions or lock up when you put your foot down or when power is needed in the rear.
      You certainly could tow an AWD maverick with the front wheels in the air and the rears down, as long as you disconnect the driveshaft from the rear diff. Otherwise, you’re grinding the wet clutches and significantly wearing and heating them.

      1. Stalkbroker94

        I recall that the 2020+ Escapes do have a flat tow mode that disconnects both drivelines. Although, I have a memory issue, so I could be remembering that the transfer case has a clutch-type system that lets the rear wheels basically spin freely behind while being towed or while in Eco mode. I wish I remembered better.

  2. Ford Owner

    This new hybrid will be another success for Ford.

    1. Brad Barefoot

      It will ALSO slow down production ! Been waiting over 6 months for XL Hybrid, getting ready for the phone call that we won’t see one in the ’24 model year.

  3. Buggs

    If the price is under 30k ill take one.

    1. Blackbelt

      I can almost guarantee this will not happen. I seriously doubt that Ford will offer the AWD hybrid on the XL. That means upgrading to the XLT. If you get a base XLT hybrid, and add the current $2200 AWD upgrade, you will be about $31,400. That’s assuming Ford will have no price increase for 2025, which we know they will as Ford has been doing price increases twice a year. Ford does not want to sell mavericks, they want to sell F150’s

  4. John


  5. Brad Barefoot

    Great … add another variant to slow down production … been waiting for over 6 months for a XL w/bed matt and trailer hitch … found out recently that it likely won’t make it before the ’25 XL’s will be available. Ford, you’re making it easier to look at the Nissan Frontier or Hyundai Santa Cruz and make a buying decision. And … while we’re at it, saw the photo of the larger screen for the infotainment system … make sirrus radio and factory nav/system available on ALL trim levels, it’s not right that the Lariat is the only model it’s a option on. And Ford … not everyone wants leatherette seats, stay with a great cloth seat that will last. Had a Tuxedo Black ’11 Ford Fusion SEL, from July to September it was so hot in NC we couldn’t drive it, the A/C was just a suggestion … kept the Fusion one year.

    1. Stalkbroker94

      Then do it and stop blustering about it on a website that’s not owned or monitored by Ford.
      The Maverick already has an AWD system, they’re just going to be pairing it with the hybrid powertrain, which they also already have. The only thing slowing down production is the same thing that’s had it slow this entire time. Also, if you order a vehicle from factory while knowing production is slow, that’s on you. I’ll keep driving my car that I paid cash for under $10,000 and that I got to take home that same day.

  6. catalina c c assoc.

    Looks like a 4K hitch with the 7 pin connector. Don’t think a CVT hybrid is what we’re looking at!

  7. JR

    Need to make it with a minimum of 100 miles electric minimum with the back up Generator for further distance. Example is 2011 chevy volt. 38 miles electric… and the 2017 chevy volt has 53 miles electeic prior to the generator coming online. This would be hands down Absolutely an amazing Truck! Doit we will buy it!

    1. Maestro

      Ford can’t even keep up with demand yet you’re demanding what they do or else! It would make better sense if you get a Hyundai Santa Cruz and call it a day. Fanboys are so hilariously annoying

      1. Stalkbroker94

        So are people like you who clearly don’t understand what they’re saying. They already have an AWD system, they’re just pairing it with the hybrid system now. That’s not going to slow down production. you know what will? I’ll let you take a guess and I’ll give you a hint: what’s got it as slow as it is right now?

  8. Rick

    I’m not anti EV but you do know there is such a thing as big electric as well, right?

  9. Rich890M

    Been waiting for this since the Maverick came out. I have a 2015 Fusion Hybrid with over 230k miles that still gets 38mph avg. I live in a rural area 2300 foot level where this type of Maverick will work well

  10. Tommy T

    They should have made them AWD and Hybrid from Day 1. My wife’s AWD Hybrid Escape is outstanding. I hope to be getting a newer vehicle soon, and this would be a lovely one to get. I know the Hybrid doesn’t have a towing capacity, but I don’t really have a need to tow. But it would be nice to haul a small amount of cargo without worrying about tearing up the interior.


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