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2025 Ford Maverick Lariat Spotted Completely Uncovered

Given the tremendous success the Ford Maverick has enjoyed since its launch for the 2022 model year, it’s inevitable that we’ll soon see more variants of the compact pickup surface, in addition to the existing off-road-focused Tremor. In fact, as Ford Authority exclusively reported last July, one of those variants is expected to be a street performance-focused model, and in the months since then, we’ve spied prototypes of what appears to be precisely that on multiple occasions, sporting features like a unique front end and larger wheels and tires. Now, this 2025 Ford Maverick Lariat has been spotted completely uncovered, revealing a vast array of sporty new features and an updated exterior design in general.

2025 Ford Maverick front end

This 2025 Ford Maverick prototype features a completely revised front end design with new headlights, a grille with vertical slats, and a revised Blue Oval badge. More interestingly, there’s also a chunky bumper present underneath that incorporates fog lamps, as well as large openings that seem designed to pump more air into the engine bay. Moving down the sides, we can see body-color painted ground effects, coupled with a black-painted roof and some very unique black-painted wheels that seem to be inspired by vintage motorsports “turbofan” units, and culminates with a body-color-painted rear bumper, capping off a look that’s become popular with existing Maverick owners already. It is also possible that this pickup’s appearance draws inspiration from the Tucci Hot Rods Maverick that took SEMA 2021 by storm.

While this doesn’t appear to be a proper high-performance ST version of the Ford Maverick given the presence of Lariat badges on the fenders, it is possible that this particular pickup is a Lobo or some other sort of special, sporty variant. In any event, it’s clear that this treatment is part of some sort of special, optional package or performance-based model, no matter what it may ultimately be marketed as.

In any event, we do know that the Maverick is set to receive a mid-cycle refresh for 2025, which will bring about some exterior styling updates to the front and rear of the popular pickup, along with perhaps even bigger changes inside the cabin. Back in March, Ford Authority spotted a 2025 Maverick prototype interior with its touchscreen uncovered for the first time, revealing what looks to be a unit that’s far larger than the one currently present in the same model – and quite possibly the same 13.2-inch touchscreen that’s found in some other Blue Oval models currently.

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  1. KK

    Wow that’s a good looking refresh

  2. Kevin

    That front fender looks like they ordered an oversized/ leftover part and just decide to add it anyway. Personally dislike those hub cap style “rims”

  3. sparky

    Kevin it doesn’t matter what you dislike.

  4. Tato

    What is with that panel across the front end under the grill? It looks like a bandage. Gross.

  5. Brundon

    Really hoping that’s not the final look. Use the honeycomb grille rather than that awful thing. And I doubt those wheels would make production the other site showed them as custom wheels.

  6. Shelbykl

    That peice of plastic that goes around the grill is just terrible. It looks like someone just glue it on. They really made that frontend one of the worst I have seen on a Ford. They should have made it look more like a little a F150 front end or used a scaled down Supper Duty nose. Ford must of hired BMW’s frontend designer.

  7. Mf

    That looks awesome. Hopefully they are putting a proper sporty engine in it. 350hp or so would be good. If they could put the 2.7L Ecoboost in it with some decent power, I’d be interested.

  8. Dustin

    This isn’t a good refresh. The front end lost the quirkiness that made the Maverick a Maverick. The trim piece under the grill is terrible! The headlamps are quite boring now. Unfortunately, they left the taillights which really needed to be updated.

  9. Josh

    Personally, I think it looks great. They could have integrated the sensor on the below the grill a bit better but overall it’s a handsome redesign. I think between the exterior and interior refresh, this is going to elevate the Maverick beyond a quirky budget truck.

  10. Peetz

    If that sewer grate grille and headlight design is truly the final rendition, that will surely slow demand and 2025’s will start populating the dealership lots.

  11. Mike

    Butt ugly, hate the front end and the wheels. Much prefer the current versions. What they need to do is add some interior features( auto dimming rear view mirror, power passenger seat, more comfortable seats and reverse sensing, BLIS on all models

    1. Mike

      Forgot decent skid plates so don’t damage underbody component. I ran over a piece of 18 wheeler tire on interstate did $2,000 damage. Ripped the shield and evap canister plumb off the mav tore the little mounting studs out of the floor pan. And I’d got it slowed down from 75 to 55 when I couldn’t avoid hitting it as it come flying out from a truck in front of me.

  12. Roger

    Do not like the front GRILL !!!!!

  13. Burt

    Glad I got my 2024!


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