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2025 Ford Maverick ST Potentially Spotted: Photos

We’ve known for a long time now that the Ford Maverick lineup is set to gain additional variants, as the automaker itself admitted as much as recently as last November. Given the tremendous success enjoyed by the compact pickup, this isn’t terribly surprising, though it remains to be seen just what kind of variants might wind up making it to production. As Ford Authority exclusively reported last June, one of those variants may very well be some sort of street performance-focused model such as a Ford Maverick ST, and since then, Ford Authority has spotted a few possible prototypes of such a vehicle, too. Now, Ford Authority has spotted yet another potential 2025 Ford Maverick ST out testing, too.

Like the previously spotted Ford Maverick street performance prototypes, this example is also clad in heavy camo, but there are several new clues as to what may be lurking underneath, regardless. Perhaps the most notable is the pickup’s new front grille design, which is exposed in this case, revealing a number of vertical slats with a built-in curve, along with a Blue Oval badge in the middle. It’s unclear if this is, in fact, what the automaker will call the Ford Maverick ST, but the grille certainly looks like something that would be used on an ST model, regardless.

2025 Ford Maverick ST

In these photos, we also get a better look at the revamped front bumper design, but the performance-focused cues don’t stop there. Rather, this prototype is fitted with a larger set of 19-inch wheels wrapped with 225/55R19 Goodyear Wrangler Territory HT tires, signaling that there could be some more power underhood – or, at the very least, some suspension upgrades that aid in the handling department.

2025 Ford Maverick ST

At this point, it’s unclear if this new model will be called the Ford Maverick ST or something entirely different. Ford filed to trademark “Maverick Lobo” with with the United States Patent and Trademark Office last August – a name that has long been used in the F-150 lineup in Mexico – leading many to speculate that it may wind up being used on a performance variant of the more compact model.

Regardless, we do know that the Maverick is set to receive a mid-cycle refresh soon, which will bring about some exterior styling updates to the front and rear of the popular pickup, along with perhaps even bigger changes inside the cabin. Back in March, Ford Authority spotted a 2025 Maverick prototype interior with its touchscreen uncovered for the first time, revealing what looks to be a unit that’s far larger than the one currently present in the same model – and quite possibly the 13.2-inch touchscreen that’s found in other vehicles like the Ford Escape and Ford Mustang.

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  1. KK

    Can’t stand the current infotainment screen layout, the new refreshed screen is definitely big plus even the rest stays the same. Would be great to have a hybrid AWD version though. Don’t care much about performance model, performance and maverick don’t mix lol.

  2. Brad Barefoot

    More “variants” … really Ford ? You can’t build enough with what variants you offer as of today, how about you forget about “new variants” and just build the XL, XLT, and Lariant. I’ve wanted a red XL with just a trailer hitch and bed mat for over two years … and when I find one all the dealers add from $3,000.00 to $5,000,00 to the selling price … so much for a $24,000,00 XL … Ford, you’re making a long time Ford Owner like me (close to 20 years) whose bought new 5 new Fords in that time frame look at something else. Being retired either the Maverick or the Hyundai Santa Cruz will work for us … and by the way, the base Santa Cruz is less money the way the Ford Dealers are adding $2,000,00 or more for a wax job and $5 set of door edge guards, or the idiot $3K to $5K up charges for just having one to sell. And while I’m here, the company I work for just bought 60 new Chevrolet Trucks for the 29 store JD dealerships. Why? Because the Chevrolet’s selling prices was close to $5,000,00 less PER TRUCK ! Wake up Ford CEO an upper management, you losing customers daily like the JD dealerships.

    1. crysalis_01

      F-150 XL 5.0L starts at $38,765 while Silverado W/T 2.7T starts at $37,445. Whether or not a dealer is adding a bunch of bull to rake the customer, is on the dealer. I’m not entirely sure what your would have the CEO and his board do about individual dealers being shady in their dealings. I suppose they could lower the MSRP but that would just allow dealers to keep charging what they’re charging and pocket even more.

    2. SEO

      Dealers are seperate entities. They are a franchise and the main company has nothing to do with the sale price that the dealer puts on. I highly doubt you have waited two years for a truck if you have you are being played by your dealer.

    3. FordCosworth

      You’re so full of….crap

  3. Brad Barefoot

    A P.S. to my comment above … tried the special order thing … always the same stories, the allocation isn’t there, the order window just closed, parts shortages. Funny that with Hyundai and it’s Santa Cruz … they are filling dealer orders weekly.

    1. Yulik

      Just wonder, Brad: did you pre-order the one you wanted 2 years ago? or just shopping around the dealerships?
      Appreciate if you answer

  4. Jaden A

    If you see this Ford, somehow have a manual as an option. I know it would require a ton of work but there are no other manuals offered other than the mustang gt

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