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2025 Lincoln Navigator Features Full Width Light Bar: Pics

To date, Ford Authority has spotted a number of 2025 Lincoln Navigator prototypes out testing, and over time, those SUVs have shed a considerable amount of camo, as is usually the case. Previously, this revealed the fact that the refreshed Navigator will take some of its styling cues from the redesigned 2024 Lincoln Nautilus, a list that will now apparently include that crossover’s full width light bar, as we can see in these new photos.

This is the very first time we’ve seen the light bar on the refreshed 2025 Lincoln Navigator, as that particular part was completely covered in camo on previously-spotted prototypes. Like the Nautilus, it spans the entire width of the front end, intersecting the grille and featuring a Lincoln star badge front and center, to boot.

The presence of this feature is notable for a number of reasons – chiefly among them, demonstrating that the revamped SUV will indeed take more styling influence from the all-new Nautilus than the refreshed 2025 Lincoln Aviator. That latter model debuted recently, but doesn’t feature a light bar up front, as is the case here.

Aside from the light bar and new headlights, the 2025 Lincoln Navigator features a new front grille with a mesh design, while one previously spotted prototype was equipped with 24-inch wheels as well – a notable addition given the fact that the largest set one can currently spec on the full-size SUV measure 22 inches in diameter.

In the rear, every prototype we’ve spotted thus far has featured heavy camo, concealing any possible styling updates present there. However, as Ford Authority recently reported, it’s possible that the 2025 Lincoln Navigator will offer a Range Rover-style split liftgate. Inside the cabin, the refreshed Navigator is expected to feature a coast-to-coast display like the new Nautilus, and in terms of powertrains, it could add a hybrid option to the mix as well.

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  1. M. Statton

    Having purchased a 2023 Navigator Black Label and with it in the shop as we speak, not to mention 13 times last year…Good luck. Never will I waste money on this company again. Besides they seem like light bars are their thing on all their vehicles. Big deal. Fix the electronics, emissions, mechanical and engine issues first.

    1. GP Mandis

      13 times…# WTH? What have been the issues? Is Lincoln stepping up to rid you of this unit?

      In closing, was going to ‘squeeze the trigger’ on an Aviator or Navigator. Will rethink this course of action. Semper Fi.

      1. Brian

        I wouldn’t bother. All Aviators are built in China. I noticed the origin on the new models while at the dealer picking up a 2022 for my daughter.

        1. John

          Aviators are built in Chicago. Nautilus are built in China.

        2. Bill

          You are incorrect sir. Aviator is built in the USA. Nautilus is a China built vehicle. The reason for that is they currently sell more Lincoln vehicle in China than the USA, because more americans are buy foreign vehicles. Also, they are retooling the Oakville, Canada plant for a new EV vehicle. The Nautilus is now a Lincoln exclusive vehicle with no Ford twin.

  2. KTE

    yeah. well our Range Rover has been in 25 times for the same issues. Am

    1. Seagulls

      Ford sold Range Rover years ago.

  3. Matt vee

    Aviators are made in chicago… don’t be wrong.. nautilus is made in china, the corsair is in Louisville, and the navigator is also made in Louisville.

    I was at a dealer yesterday.. abs while I didn’t get a response from the person I talked to… I voiced My frustration as a lincoln owner and a family of ford retirees that the nautilus is chinese built…. told them poor form

    1. Shelbykl

      Its not the Dealer it is the Company you need to complain too

  4. Kel

    I am sorry to hear that. As a 2020 Lincoln Navigator owner, I have only had to take my vehicle to the shop once for a backup camera issue, aside from routine maintenance.

  5. Neckid

    Your TV came from China along with everything else in your household so STFU with all this China BS. It is what it is America is in debt to China

    1. Shelbykl

      Yeah because of Americans like you who do not care where things are made and what it will do to this country. Your a good example because you do not care if everyone loses their job as long as you get your cheap chinese stuff. By the way my TV was not made in China it was made in Korea. So you need to STFU with all your pro commie chinese junk.

  6. Jason

    We have a 2017 Navigator L with 380k has been pretty reliable overall. We also have 2 2020’s and we love them. One has had the heater hoses replaced at 85k and the other has had a strange radio issue. Other than that reliable great vehicles.

  7. Cigna

    Given Lincoln’s quality is now as bad or worse than Alfa Romeo, the full width light bar is not going to increase sales. Now that Failure Farley has the Nautilus made in China, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lincoln’s yearly sales fall below 50,000. I still believe Lincoln will be China-only by 2030.


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