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Americans Say Ford Has ‘Good’ Reputation, Down From 2023

As one of the more iconic and longest-lasting American companies, Ford has garnered its fair share of fans over the years, as well as praise from the public in general. However, many factors have combined to test that reputation as of late, including rising prices and lower inventory following the pandemic, coupled with the fact that Ford issued more recalls than any other automaker in 2023 and is battling various quality woes. Regardless, Ford still apparently has a pretty solid reputation among the public, regardless.

This information comes to us from Axios, which teams up with Harris Poll each year to create the Axios Harris Poll 100 reputation rankings. The concept behind this poll is to gauge the reputation of the most visible brands in America, and in that regard, Ford ranked 55th on this year’s list with a score of 73.6. However, that ranked it behind some of its rivals – including Honda, Toyota, Subaru, and General Motors – and was also far lower than The Blue Oval’s score last year, when it ranked 32nd out of 100 companies with a score of 77.6, moving up nine spots over its result in 2022 before dipping 23 this year.

This year’s Axios Harris Poll 100 reputation rankings are based on the responses of 16,500 people. Those participants were asked which two companies stand out the most in their mind as having the best reputation, as well as the two companies that have the worst reputation. Those companies are then complied in an aggregated list to determine which are the most visible, while subsidiaries and brands are lumped into the parent company.

From there, this data is used to rate the top 100 companies based on nine dimensions of reputation, which are used to calculate what Axios calls the Reputational Quotient, or RQ. Meanwhile, a separate survey conducted online presented a group of 2,119 people with contextual questions on topics related to brands and politics, which also factor into these rankings.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    The trend is not Ford’s friend.

  2. John

    I don’t understand how Honda keeps living off their quality reputation from decades ago. Anyone you talk to who isn’t in the auto hobby thinks Hondas are reliable cars, yet their quality ratings have usually been BELOW industry standards for YEARS now. I have a family member that used to work there and even he admitted the quality was not anywhere near what it used to be.

    1. Sam

      I see so many Hondas and NIssans with paint flaking off their horizontal surfaces.

  3. William J. Offutt jr.

    The “Price is Right” tonight was giving away Lexus, a $ 86,000 Maserati , Chevrolet, Nissans, Toyotas ; but No Fords ! I wonder why?

  4. Brad Barefoot

    Ford … you’ve made poor progress in new car standings, especially with the Maverick, it’s had way too many recalls when pardon the pun … “most” of it’s internals like power train for instance is “off the shield” parts for you. Then … a major mistake you did away with the Transit Connect, bring it back “today” in both the SWB and LWB models … make both available in wagon/passenger models … “plus” offer the SWB in a plug in hybrid … I’d be all in for a SWB model in either ICS or PHEV. And Ford, get quality control up to 99%, and bring back the Ford Transit Connect, who in it’s last model year was the #1 selling mini-van,

  5. Boomer

    YA they sure do……. For Holding the Record for the Most R E C A L L S of anyone on EARTH!!


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