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Another Customized 2022 Ford Maverick Show Truck Is For Sale

Just a few weeks ago, a video surfaced online showing a heavily-modified Ford Maverick pickup unfortunately bumping into a flat bed at the recent Texas Truck Invasion. This Ford Maverick is owned by Kenneth McCay and was featured in a variety of publications a couple of years ago, largely because of how unique it is – after all, how many Mavericks out there feature tribal-themed custom paint jobs? The Ford Maverick seemingly suffered a little bit of damage in that mishap, but now, it has surfaced for sale via Facebook Marketplace looking good as new – mere days after another heavily-customized Maverick went up for grabs.

Customized 2022 Ford Maverick SEMA Show - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

McCay’s Ford Maverick is one of the earliest such builds we came across following the debut of the compact pickup, and it has undergone quite a few changes since then. After its debut at the SEMA Show, the Maverick proceeded to hit the show circuit and has been featured in quite a few publications over the years, helping to revive interest in the mini truck scene in general.

Customized 2022 Ford Maverick SEMA Show - Interior 001

Now, the Maverick is up for grabs with 11k miles on the clock and an asking price of $40,000. That might seem like a lot of dough for a Maverick, but this one has obviously been treated to some high-dollar mods including its custom paint job, Chassis Tech air suspension system, 22-inch JTX forged wheels, custom air intake and exhaust, and of course, a massive stereo system stuffed inside the cabin.

Customized 2022 Ford Maverick SEMA Show - Bed Stereo System

This Maverick may have started life as a humble XL, front-wheel drive model, but now, it’s a full-blown show rig with some pretty high dollar goods. Whether or not that will net McCay his asking price of $40k remains to be seen, but it’s safe to say that this is easily one of the most unique Ford Maverick builds out there at the moment, regardless.

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H/T: The Drive

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