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Canadian New Car Buyers Less Likely To Considers EVs In 2024

Over the past few years, as automakers have invested heavily in EVs, a number of surveys have revealed essentially the same thing – new car buyers have a few reservations when it comes to going all-electric, which include those models’ higher pricing, a lack of charging infrastructure, and concerns over range. This is true not only in the U.S., but also Canada, and now, a new study shows that shoppers in that country are less likely to consider EVs than last year.

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According to the newly released J.D. Power 2024 Canada Electric Vehicle Consideration (EVC) Study, 11 percent of all new car buyers surveyed in that country – which totaled 2,976 people this year – said that they’re “very likely” to consider an EV for their next purchase, which is three percentage points less than last year – and far lower than the 24 percent of Americans who responded in the same manner. Meanwhile, 72 percent said they are either “very unlikely” or “somewhat unlikely” to consider an EV for their next vehicle purchase, which is five percentage points higher than 2023 as well.

As far as why this is the case, 68 percent cited limited range, followed by purchase price (61 percent) and lack of charging station availability (60 percent). 52 percent of those surveyed have never even been in an EV, however, while 36 percent of those that have said they are “somewhat likely” or “very likely” to consider purchasing one.

These results aren’t necessarily surprising, as Canadians have long been a bit more hesitant to consider EVs, at least in comparison to their neighbors to the south. In fact, these results pretty much echo similar studies that were conducted in 2021, 2022, and 2023, and Ford Canada CEO Bev Goodman recently noted that the country’s early adopters had already purchased their vehicles, which has led to a sharp decline in demand overall.

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  1. John

    Not many people want EVs!

    Keep them as an option, but it’s time to look at more options, ICE, hybrids, and all this that the Japanese companies just announced, “The new initiative between the three Japanese automakers includes the integration of advanced internal combustion engines (ICEs) with electric drive units and hybrid components, while ensuring compatibility with various carbon-neutral fuels like e-fuel, biofuels, and liquid hydrogen, marking a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions while maintaining performance and an engaging driving experience.”


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