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CEO Jim Farley Pours Water On Off-Road Oriented Ford Mustang

In a recent interview with Autocar, Ford CEO Jim Farley was quite candid regarding the topic of what sort of Ford Mustang variants The Blue Oval has been considering. In fact, Farley admitted that a four-door sedan version of the iconic pony car remains in the cards after years of rumors pertaining to such a thing, which is also true of a hybrid. However, Farley proceeded to shut down the idea that an all-electric version of the Ford Mustang will ever exist, as well as the long-rumored off-road oriented model.

Last April, a report claimed that an off-road-focused version of the Ford Mustang – something in the mold of the Porsche 911 Dakar – was set to debut in 2026, but Farley was quick to dismiss that notion. “Porsche has been smart about creating derivatives over the past 20 years,” he said. But we wouldn’t want to do things their way. We want to give them a good, American-style run for their money. Some people think we could mix Mustang with off-road driving – look at what Porsche has done with the 911 Dakar, and what Lamborghini has been doing. But I’m not so sure about that.”

This news will undoubtedly prove disappointing to anyone hoping for a more budget-friendly and easier-to-obtain version of the 911 Dakar, which sports a price tag well north of $200k – minus dealer markups – and was limited to just 2,500 units of production. Additionally, given the debut of the Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally for the 2024 model year, it certainly seemed possible that FoMoCo may follow suit with an off-road focused version of the ICE coupe.

Thus, it seems as if such a thing isn’t in the cards after all, even after the aforementioned report contained quite a few details regarding what that model might be like. In fact, it claimed that the Mustang off-roader would be powered by a naturally-aspirated 500 horsepower version of the Ford 5.0L V8 Coyote engine mated exclusively to the 10-speed automatic transmission, along with an electronically controlled center differential.

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  1. Frank

    The Mustang Raptor no no no stupid idea and even looks more stupid

  2. Racer76

    Maybe it’s time for some change at Ford. Looks like a fine prerunner!

  3. Jim Elsasser

    FINALLY !! Farley is starting to wise up.
    No more screwing with the Mustang brand.
    Hire a design chief that will design good looking cars instead of BORING s U v s.

  4. wayne guess

    not many like the mach-e , probably the same with this , please don’t

  5. Mark

    It’s bad enough Ford attached the Mustang name to that abomination a.k.a. the Mach e

  6. John

    Personally, I think the Raptor Mustang looks pretty cool and would be fun and a great winter car, but I admit, it would probably be a very niche market. I think an off road Mustang makes a little more sense than slapping the Mustang name on that EV CUV thing though.

  7. Mf

    Anyone who actually thought they were gonna build that will be interested in the oceanfront properly I have in Kansas for sale. Get in before the boom!

  8. hottoddy

    would love to see that built, but maybe Ford is finally coming to their senses and committing to build vehicles that can actually earn their shareholders some value. That’s a big maybe after watching their actions over the last 4 years

  9. Luke

    Money could be better spent on damaged brand Lincoln giving us vehicles we actually want to buy.

  10. Andy

    I think it would be an insult to the 2 door mustang to make a 4 door version. Honestly I think mustang enthusiasts would be upset , you would ruin the pony car , at least dodge and Chevy would never ruin there sports cars by making them 4 door .. if you want a 4 door bring back the Taurus the fusion anything other then calling a 4 door sedan a mustang , you already screwed it by making a suv and calling it mustang .. bad choice very very bad choice . As I would drive a 2 door ev mustang before I’d drive a 4 door sedan !!!!!!! And I hate Ev’s because I drive a manual . Oh and getting rid of the manuals in the eco boost was a huge mistake ! You should have at least let people order it in a manual if they wanted too .. poor choices make for poor profit! I fear you’re on track to ruin your brand ! I used to drive Honda si’s only until they took away the 2 door and made them all 4 doors .. I bought a mustang because it was 2 door only and because you offered a manual ! So imo make sure you do a lot of research on what the 1% of your customer base wants as well . You should have 1 vehicle that’s stands out from the rest and that is the mustang ! Please don’t mess with it and make it a sedan . You will run the risk of making just an ordinary run of them mill grocery / kid hauler .. there are enough of those on the road now . A sedan will just run the mystique and the spirit of the pony car


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