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CEO Jim Farley Says Ford Mustang EV Coupe Will Never Happen

During the early days of Ford’s heavy pivot toward all-electric vehicles, it was essentially just assumed that eventually, the iconic Ford Mustang would be offered as an EV at some point in the future, which made a lot of sense at the time. In fact, most expected a Ford Mustang EV coupe – unrelated to the Ford Mustang Mach-Eto arrive by the end of this decade, though a Mach-E coupe was also reportedly in the cards, according to some recent rumors. However, in a recent interview with Autocar, Blue Oval CEO Jim Farley shut down those notions entirely.

“We’ve been testing and we really do believe partial electric powertrains work well for performance drivers,” Farley said of the idea that Ford might one day launch a hybrid version of its iconic pony car. “One thing I can promise, however, is that we will never make an all-electric Mustang. I look at other users of pure-electric power such as Formula E, and even companies like Rimac, and I just don’t think that would be right for Mustang. Great for other Fords – look at the worldwide success of Transit – but not for Mustang.”

This isn’t the first time Farley has touted the potential benefits of a hybrid pony car, as the executive previously stated that such a machine was far more likely to come to fruition than a Ford Mustang EV, but this is the first time he has publicly shut down that notion completely. If nothing else, it seems as if The Blue Oval isn’t keen to follow suit and make an all-electric Dodge Charger Daytona rival, after all.

2024 Ford Mustang GT Brazil - Exterior 002 - Front and Rear Three Quarters

However, one thing that may very well survive the chopping block is a Mustang sedan, which is another variant that has long been rumored to be in the works. As Ford Authority reported earlier today, Farley said he believes FoMoCo could make such a thing, “as long as these models have all the performance and attitude of the original.”

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  1. John

    Man, I’m starting to really like Farley!

  2. John

    Also, go ahead and make that V8 hybrid Mustang. Then make a V8 hybrid 4 door sedan and put the Marauder name on it.

  3. Rick Mitchell

    Finally a clear insight into a critical issue – NO Mustang EV – Hooray!

    1. Ford Owner


      The Mustang Mach-E exists for years. You are blind!

      1. Tigger

        You mean the badged engineered Bolt competitor? This would be like Chevy puting the Corvette name on a Trax.

  4. Bruce Holberg

    Battery hybrid? Yes
    Plug-in hybrid? Please no!

    By the way, anyone at Ford ever read this stuff???

    1. John

      Probably not, but I would hope they at least have SOMEONE on a research/ marketing team that checks this site from time to time. Better here than Twitter.

    2. Ford Owner

      Plug in hybrids are just regular hybrids with a larger externally charged battery. Ford did it perfectly with the plug in Fusion Energi. So, Ford, go for it again with a PHEV Mustang!

  5. Mark B

    I felt that once the early EV thing’s luster wore off, Jim would see things more clearly. After all, can you see him racing an EV anything? Not very likely.

  6. Ford Owner

    EV racing is famous in Europe. It is called “Formula E”. I watched one and those EVs are extremely faster than the gas cars!

  7. Chevyvsford

    The Mach exist and why would they ?

  8. Jim Elsasser

    First smart thing I’ve heard Farley say in quite a while. Since they got rid of the head of design, get someone in there that knows how to design exciting cars instead of these BORING suv s

  9. Yj

    Ah, Ford now see’s the light.

  10. Bob B.

    He will change his mind when the EV Camaro and Charger has been out for a couple of years, just watch.

  11. Ron

    There should be a slow progression using a hybrid engine. Use the vehicles sales and the reliability as a guide to refine. Take the publics opinion and build a car we want (novel idea).


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