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CEO Jim Farley Says Ford Mustang Sedan Could Happen

The concept of a Ford Mustang sedan is certainly nothing new – in fact, The Blue Oval actually made a prototype of such a thing way back in the 1960s, when the pony car first came to fruition. In recent years, rumors surrounding the possibility of a Ford Mustang sedan making it to production have intensified, with dealers reportedly getting a look at a concept several years ago, leading many to speculate whether or not FoMoCo actually plans to make a four-door Mustang of some kind – aside from the Ford Mustang Mach-E, even after the automaker killed off its entire sedan lineup years ago. Now, Ford CEO Jim Farley himself has revived the idea of a four-door Mustang with comments he made during a recent interview with Autocar.

“We will never build a Mustang that isn’t a Mustang,” Farley said. “For instance, there will never be room for a small, two-row Ford SUV with a Mustang badge stuck on it. But could we do other Mustang body forms – a four-door or whatever? I believe we could, as long as these models have all the performance and attitude of the original.”

Obviously, these comments don’t exactly guarantee that a Ford Mustang sedan is in development, but it’s quite interesting that Farley bring that topic up at all, making it clear that such a machine is on his mind, at least. However, it would also make sense given the fact that the automaker exited the sedan market a few years ago and currently doesn’t have anything to offer in that segment.

As Farley noted, creating a four-door pony car could be seen as a strategy akin to what Porsche has done over the past few years. The German brand took the bold, controversial move of making the Panamera some time ago – also a four-door sedan – and eventually, got into the SUV business, though in retrospect, those moves helped keep the sports car maker afloat financially during tough times, and now, it sells more SUVs than 911s – by a long shot.

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  1. Camarobro

    Make a sedan. But keep the coupe. The way it should be with a V8.

  2. Wes

    NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.
    And HELL NO!
    It’s bad enough that they slapped a Mustang badge on the MACH E, but they will make A LOT of people mad if they do this, akin to the outrage when Ford was going to replace the venerable Foxbody Mustang with the Mazda-sourced Ford Probe.

  3. Wes

    Just bring back either the Taurus, Fusion, or even the old Galaxie, Falcon, or even the Crown Vic name for a sedan. I would vote using the old Galaxie name. My current dream car is a 1967 Galaxie Covertible, red, with a black top and interior, and an OEM big block, or a restomod with a Coyote or Godzilla swap.

  4. anonymous guest

    Walk back the Mustang sedan comments, start making a sleeper base Fairmont 4-door/stick-or-powerboost-option and build it upwards to V8 levels. Yes call it Fairmont.

  5. JE

    A Mustang sedan should be something the likes of a Porsche Tycan and should offer ICE, Plug in Hybrid and EV versions. Some car like that, I would buy. The Mach-E, never. Not everybody likes SUV´s and crossovers or is willing tu buy one no matter what.

  6. John

    Make it, but call it a Marauder.

  7. JimL

    Come on, Farley! Know the legacy of your legacy models!! Mustang = 2-door!
    Honestly, I hate what he’s doing to Ford.

  8. Freddy

    That would be the proper Lincoln LS, please not a POS Mustang

  9. Rick Mitchell

    We don’t need or want a four-door Mustang. Go buy something else if that’s what you really want.

  10. Bruce Holberg

    Not for nothing, but they need to do a ton of market research before going down that path. Ford can’t afford a mistake at this point. Rather see them bring over the Chinese sedan. With Chevy dropping the Malibu, the coast is clear.

  11. wjtinfwb

    “We will never build a Mustang that isn’t a Mustang,” Farley said. Too late Jim. The Mach-e abomination has been out for 3 years if you’ve been in a coma. Of course that was about 75 recalls and a billion cars ago so you may have forgotten. Mustang needs to remain a 2 door sporting car. Notchback, Fastback, Hatchback, 2dr. Shooting Brake… any of those are fine. But if you’re building something with 4 doors, come up with a new name or bring back a mothballed name. Fairlane, Futura, Galaxie, Capri, Sierra, Fusion, etc. Any of those and new one’s would be better than demolishing the Mustang brand equity further with another tepid sedan.

  12. Ford Owner

    GM @Authority postex that a 4-door Camaro is in the eyes of the top managers. So a 4-door Mustsng is a necesity, since the Chevy Camaro arrive in 1966 to compete against the Ford Mustang. But keep it with all the features of the 2-door. Just lenghten the body to fit tbe new doors.

  13. Brian

    A sedan would be nice. A sporty 4 door would be great…
    Not a Mustang badged car. Please.

  14. Sam

    Make it but don’t call it Mustang.

  15. Mark B

    One of the things that is unique to the Mustang is its profile, and this includes the roof line. Anyone sit in the back of an S550 or S650 lately? I don’t care if there is a second door on each side…head room for a normal adult is going to be limited.

  16. Mike TowpathTraveler

    Always would have liked to have seen Ford do a notchback alongside the fastback body; just like it’s always been from 1964 to 1993.

    The 4 door pics look good to these eyes, but it’s clear to the Mustang AND the Camaro commenters, they want nothing to do with a 4 door. The Mach-E really hurt the brand integrity, if you ask me.

    1. Keith

      Thunderbird 4 door ultimately led to Thunderbird death.
      Cougar 4 door ultimately led to Cougar death.
      Lincoln Mark 4 door ultimately led to Mark series death.
      At the rate their going, Ford management will lead to FOMOCO death.
      And pathetic quality is accelerating the demise

  17. Ray Touchette

    The Taurus was a 4 door Mustang. Just bring it back and it will be a great success.

  18. Shirley Gagne

    You could always bring back the 1980 style of the mustang in a 4 door version. But out of all the mustang styles that would be the only one that might work. But seriously, I love the mustang style from the 60’s. But yes Ford needs a 4 cylindar type sedan for today’s economy. Even the old Lynx, Escort, or Taurus would be good idea. No one has any mid size cars anymore. But we desperately need them in today’s inflated economy. I get those that like the mustang as a muscle/race car. But it hasn’t been one since the late 60’s. They should’ve never changed the style. Cobra SS was always the nice looking style.

  19. Kenneth esajian

    Why not a mustang minivan, mustang pickup, mustang suv and Oh yeah and a mustang ev …

  20. Vince Ippolito

    I’ve been a Ford fan on my life, but Ford motor company has a way of screwing things up . They come out with the right car at the right time and then they want to screw it up by changing it example
    The original bronco and the four Thunderbird at least they got the bronco right when they brought back out and made it like the original bronco not another SUV just imagine what the Thunderbird would have been like today if they left it like was originally a two-seat sports car. I couldn’t a few other examples but I’m not. Leave th the mustang alone. Bring the two seat Thunderbird back again and make it competitive with the Corvette not electric .Thunderbird.
    If you can please reply to my comment do the right thing for do not mess up again like you have in the past.


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