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Do You Like The 2025 Ford Maverick Pickup’s Front End?

Earlier this week, Ford Authority spotted a 2025 Ford Maverick Lariat completely uncovered and wearing a host of truly unique and interesting features. However, while it’s unclear if this prototype is some sort of one-off, a sport-focused trim, or some kind of special package, thus far, quite a few people have voiced their distaste for the front end design, specifically. And that has us wondering – how do our readers really feel about the front end design on this 2025 Ford Maverick prototype?

This new front end design is certainly a big departure from the existing Ford Maverick in a number of ways, if nothing else. For starters, the headlights feature a design that’s more in line with other new pickups like the redesigned 2024 Ford Ranger. However, in this case, a portion of the bumper extends upward into the headlights, making for a rather interesting look.

In between those new headlights lies a brand new grille design as well, one that features vertical slats rather than the ovals present on the current Maverick, as we can see here. The grille extends outward toward the bottom where it meets the bumper, which itself has been reworked in a number of ways.

Aside from a more defined air intake front and center in the lower portion of the bumper, the entire bumper itself is painted body color and features a black piece in the center, visually separating the upper and lower portions. There are also fog lamps present at each end, capping off a pretty big styling update that may or may not make its way to the 2025 Ford Maverick in some capacity.

With the 2025 Ford Maverick set to receive a mid-cycle refresh, it’s unclear if this unique new look will be reserved for some sort of special model or package, or perhaps make its way to the entire lineup in some form. In the meantime, with all of the controversy swirling around regarding this styling update, we’re curious to know – do you like it or hate it? Let us know in the poll below!

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  1. Bob


  2. whypac

    No. The new front end was designed by someone who watched too much Spongebob.

    1. Dynamo

      Have a 2023 SLT. Like it MUCH better. New one looks cheap.. Would not trade for it.

  3. jalass

    Looks fine to me. The less “C-clampy,” the better.

  4. Bosko

    Not a fan of the grill.

  5. Thomas

    But it’s ugly and tacky
    Drama, it looks like from a museum, not like a new model

  6. Ron

    Love Love Love it !
    Replace the 60’s look of the previous model !


    I do like the bottom of the bumper redesign with the fog/driving lights but the upper looks like it is just glued on to support the Lincoln style grill. (or am I thinking of the late 70’s/early 80’s Oldsmobile Cutlass grill)

  8. S.T

    I like the New look. The front actually looks like a Ford Explorer Sport Trac Adrenalin. It’s a more Sports look, where the current is more is a older person look (less aggressive). Hopefully they will offer multiple front looks so everyone can be Happy.

  9. MP

    The “filler” under the grille looks like a really cheap afterthought. It appears like someone slapped a cover over the lower, inboard section of the headlights. Its Like they spent all the R&D money on the rest of the truck, put it together and realized no one accounted for the difference between the new grille and front bumper, so they just slapped a cheap cut-out panel in there and called it done.

    1. John Keidel

      Agree with MP. No protection for the front bumper opening from stones or other debris for the bottom of the radiator parts.

  10. Steven

    Negative. Prefer original.

  11. Joe R.

    Not better, just different and uninspired – change for the sake of change.

  12. jon

    Its Ok like the older one a bit better

  13. Brundon

    I really hope it’s not the real design and they just put this custom designed truck out to stir up controversy before the real announcement.

  14. Bruce B


  15. whypac

    When looking at the redesigned front end, does no one see Spongebob starring at them, with his silly grin and buck teeth?

    1. Ed K

      I didn’t notice that at first but you are correct. Would love to see it in cyber orange which is really school bus yellow.

  16. Jay

    The vertical slats look too “Jeepish”.

  17. MerleB

    Looks good. I don’t see any reason for a fake “controversy”. There is none.

  18. Rob A

    I really don’t like those headlights, and I prefer the grill on my 22 Lariat. I thought body color trim might be good, but I actually like the black better on my Velocity blue truck. The grill looks like it came from an 80’s Buick Skylark. The current grill is more truck like and rugged looking.

  19. JetFixxxer

    The front end looks a little like the Mach-E.
    Not a fan, but do like the larger infotainment screen.

  20. Ed K

    Like the grill. Do not like the panel underneath it and the way it extends into the headlights.

  21. Duane

    It looks horrible, I was looking forward to the high performance model there supposed to release in 2025, guess I’m not wanting one anymore.

  22. Murray Henley

    I’m not convinced this is not remaining camouflage. Putting a vertical painted part at the front of any vehicle is asking for trouble.

  23. JessT

    GMC headlights with a Buick grill, is this the new Mercury version?

  24. Steven Karow

    I like the look a lot. How do I get it for my 23 Maverick? Love the look!!

  25. Jeff

    I have a 2024 – Atlas Blue and I like the new font end better than mine.
    On the 2024 I don’t like the user grill because it is so hard to clean. I also don’t like the black panels on either end of the bumper on my 2024.

  26. Dwayne D

    Obviously no one likes the plastic under the head lights. Looks ugly and out of place. Remove the cheap looking plastic it will be ok

  27. Dwayne D

    Can you believe people get paid millions to design stuff like this? It’s very clear that the current Excecutives at ford have no clue. Horrible! Regular hourly workers can do a better job. Dump these braniacs.

  28. hottoddy

    who came up with those wheels ?? Time to take the crayons away from the kids in the design studios

  29. Tod

    I prefer the new front end to the original. Whenever I see a Maverick, I think it is a Chevrolet with the horizontally split front grille with the logo on the center. The new design looks like a Ford product.

  30. Smitty

    They could have done a way better design on the upper part of the front bumper where it ties into the headlamps.. The new headlamps look way better than the old (Chevy Colorado) looking ones… I think they should have designed some sort of cool looking air intake inlets under the headlamps that tie into the grille…. Other than that the monochrome idea works.. Wheels are fugly!!

  31. Jean Descoteaux

    I have planned to buy a maveric as a retirement gift,I fell in ❤️ with the look and the car/truck concept come out like the pic of the 2025 I would buy a horse instead,I think it would be a big mistake trying tu make it better when it is already perfect,a 30 years Ford owner,I still drive a f 150 and love it but time to get something better and smaller to stay happy in the Ford family

  32. Dave

    Nope the upper grill is ugly. Someone trying to copy a EV?

  33. Dave

    Another item is Ford trying to copy a Jeep grill.?

  34. BDMull

    The existing Maverick, in my opinion, looks like a car from the front. At least the new ’25 looks like a truck.

  35. Null98115


  36. Pete

    Surely that cannot be the final design, totally uninspired & amateurish, sometimes change for the sake of change is actually a step backwards, I’d head straight to the Toyota dealer after seeing this.

  37. Rob

    Typical Ford ugly. Makes it look cheap.
    Looks like someone put a badly designed patch panel on the front.
    How does this crap get to market?

  38. Jerry E

    I like it… gives a slightly more substantial and truck-ish look compared to
    the current design.

  39. Benewil

    Looks like the new panel was just stuck on as an afterthought. Thumbs down!

  40. Tony B

    Comments appear negative & an absolutely ugly idea !!! Why do you want to change a good thing ? You have a real winner to follow up the F-150, Mustang etc. success on a smaller scale. Stick with what is working great, is very hot, very affordable, & very much in demand at the same time !!! In this case some ideas for change are not always good or a great thing !!! For your edification, if you don’t like the answer then don’t ask the question.

  41. eRock92

    The pre-refresh Maverick actually looks more like the current Ranger. The refresh looks more like the pre-refreshed F-150 with those signature lights. However, I guess those protruding parts on either side of the grill resemble the current Ranger’s similar feature.

    Look… if Ford makes an AWD hybrid Maverick, I can look past the ugliness of the front end.

  42. GuyinSC

    Never mind the front-end, get rid of those gawdawful wheels! 🤮

  43. David Dickinson II

    My guess is that Ford is making the bumper more modular so that you can replace a piece of the bumper/front section without replacing the whole thing. Minor fender benders are costing a fortune to fix because of all the tech and sensors going into the bumper. My guess is that this is Ford’s attempt to lower those costs.

  44. Frank

    Maybe that’s the grille for the “Continental” Edition

  45. Brian Berry

    What`s with the headlight bra? The wheels stink to.

  46. MavManLkHoliday

    As a 22 Maverick owner by accident (I scooped up one ordered and left by order) I love mine , only things I miss are push button start and digital or larger gauges. I’ve been at 54 mpg and this is summer for 56 mpg

    1. Stu Long

      Ifeel the new grill is the wor

      I feel the new grill looks like a design that the team was working on and the damn bean counters said – ok, you have spent your design budget, leave it where it is. It looks unfinished.
      Ford- lets take a little time and come out with a truly class front grill feature. After all thats the part of a truck that sets the tone for the rest of the unit. I like the lower portion with the driving lights and the grill itself. But the headlight portion looks like it was qn after thought.

  47. ICanReadSigns

    The front end looks ugly, and tacked on. Like someone raided Pep Boys and Autozone for all of the universal double-sided tape attached plastic parts they could find. I like the wheels, though, but I’m old so my opinion probably is less valid…

  48. TriRaptor

    The only thing I do not like about the new front end is that piece that goes up and covers up the headlights. If that was removed and the headlight assemblies were more like the F-150 or Ranger than I would be fine with it. The biggest thing that I was happy about is that it appears to have a front camera attached to the oval. Could this mean that they are providing 360 camera to the Maverick finally?

  49. CapFordDispatch

    Personally, I like it. Reminds me a bit of the older NASCAR Truck Series trucks. I’m all in for those big dish-y wheels. And it looks awesome in that color. If this makes it to production, I’ll buy one.

  50. Craig

    I don’t like the grill at all, looks cheap. The bumper is ok, like fog lights.
    PS The wheels are ugly.

  51. Paul Spolidoro

    Wish Ford would make a fog/driving light accessory for the 22-23 Maverick. It would enhance lighting and reduce the large amount of dead space in the lower front bumper.

  52. will

    The front end is awful!!!!

  53. John

    Like frt end Hate the grill surround how it cuts into headlights.

  54. James

    The new design has cured me of my desire to order a 2025 Maverick. Thanks for looking out for my wallet, Ford!


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