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Donut Media Wrecks At Ford Crown Victoria Race: Video

The folks behind the YouTube channel Donut Media have been busy transforming a beat up $500 Ford Ranger into a high-dollar desert racer as of late, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take a little time off from that monumental endeavor to have a little fun. Thus, the crew decided to participate in the recent Freedom 500 – a race hosted by fellow YouTube Cleetus McFarland that pitted 25 people against each other, all of whom were driving Ford Crown Victoria sedans. However, that particular event didn’t quite end the way that Donut Media might have hoped.

Donut Media Ford Crown Victoria Freedom 500 - Exterior 002 - Front Three Quarters

The team was quite excited to participate In the 100-lap race at McFarland’s repurposed race track known as the Freedom Factory, given the fact that the grand prize for the lucky winner was an actual helicopter. The Freedom Factory is a NASCAR-style oval track, however, and Donut’s resident driver had never competed in that type of setting before, which made this a challenging task from the get-go.

As race fans are well aware, there are some unique challenges associated with oval track racing versus other circuits where one turns both left and right. However, throw in the fact that the people driving these Ford Crown Victoria sedans are more than happy to, well, crash into each other and commit other dirty acts in the name of winning, and this is truly a daunting task.

Things started out fairly well for Donut’s racer, at least until he gets rear-ended by another driver and spins out. However, that wasn’t enough to take this Crown Vic out of commission, and it proceeds to keep on trucking for a number of additional laps, albeit with a little contact here and there. Sadly, with just 10 laps to go, the Donut Ford Crown Victoria is rear-ended yet again, this time, putting an abrupt end to their day – not the way they wanted things to go, but at least it resulted in an entertaining race for fans in attendance.

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    Who’d have ever thought that the budget racer/enthusiast darling, the MIata, would be replaced by a fleet of former Taxi/Police cars!


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