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DriveCentric Announces Partnership With FordDirect

Over the past few years, FordDirect – a joint venture between Ford Motor Company and its franchise dealers – has served as a way to bring together the worlds of digital, data, and technology to deliver best-in-class marketing and advertising solutions to Ford and Lincoln dealers. It’s also been busy as of late, naming Velocity Automotive its preferred vehicle portfolio and reconditioning technology provider, choosing AccuTrade as its new e-commerce partner, and launching a brand new e-commerce platform called The Shop. Now, FordDirect has entered into yet another new partnership, this time, with a company called DriveCentric.

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DriveCentric is known for combining augmented intelligence with automotive sales expertise, meaning that its new partnership with FordDirect is designed to enhance the way Ford and Lincoln dealers engage with customers, leverage data insights, and lean on cutting-edge CRM technology – which combines automation, engagement tools, and real-time insights – as well as direct streams of incentives and digital content, giving the dealer-focused entity the ability to better analyze consumer interactions. According to DriveCentric, this will give Blue Oval dealers more “actionable insights, enhancing decision-making processes and offering in-the-moment coaching for sales teams.”

“Partnering with FordDirect is a game-changer. Their unique position as a data hub for Ford Dealers and Lincoln Retailers, coupled with our augmented intelligent CRM solutions, will transform the automotive retail experience,” said David Fultz, CEO of DriveCentric.

“At FordDirect we strive to be an indispensable partner to Ford Dealers and Lincoln Retailers in new ways by offering choice with partners like DriveCentric,” added Dean Stoneley, CEO of FordDirect. “The Dealers with DriveCentric love the product, which is why we decided to make it even more widely available to give new options for technology that helps dealers focus on their business and their customers.”

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