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Ford CEO Jim Farley Endorses Solid State Batteries For EVs

Ford has long been a proponent of solid state batteries, which are still in the testing stages, and yet, offer a ton of promise for future EV models. In fact, the automaker has made multiple rounds of investments into solid state battery maker Solid Power over the past few years, which is in the process of working to make such technology viable for automotive use, though it doesn’t expect that to happen until the next decade. However, Ford’s joint-venture EV battery partner – SK On – recently achieved a breakthrough in its own solid state tech as well, though it continues to explore all kinds of EV battery solutions like lithium-iron phosphate (LFP), which Ford will use well into the next decade. Now, Ford CEO Jim Farley has once again thrown his own support behind solid state batteries, according to The Detroit News.

Farley stated that he sees solid state batteries as “looking very promising for production,” particularly as the automaker seeks to drive down the costs of its electric vehicles amid waning demand. “We’re getting more and more excited about the potential,” Farley said during the automaker’s annual shareholder meeting. “We don’t see them ready for mass production yet, but we believe semi-solid state could be in our lineup in the coming years.”

Solid state batteries offer up a handful of benefits compared to existing lithium-ion units, particularly in terms of energy density. This means that automakers would be able to use fewer batteries to achieve the same sort of range figures current EVs offer, all in a smaller, lighter, and more affordable package.

The testing process for this technology is long and extensive, however, largely due to the fact that it’s very much new, while lithum-ion batteries have been around for a very long time – not only in automobiles, but also, various other types of consumer products. Regardless, many – including Farley – remain very optimistic about their future, regardless.

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  1. Bill

    What was not mentioned in the article was the cost of solid state batteries. The cost might be excessive for the future low cost EVs.

    1. Ford Owner

      Low cost electrics can use LFP cells that cost less, don’t over heat or catch fire, and don’t react when punctured. Leave this newer cell for larger electric sedans, SUVs, and trucks.

  2. bob

    CATL could be making batteries today in the USA for Ford if it wasn’t for insane politics. They have the most advanced Shenxing LFP battery that is cheap, lasts long and is only a moderate power reduction. It also charges quick. 400 km of driving range in 10-minutes. Hat tip to them, they are truly one of the leaders in EV batteries delivering. If Ford can deliver for less
    without loosing its shirt to compete with Tesla they could make things interesting. Sadly model Y is kicking their butt with charging, range and price

  3. Johnnie F.

    I like reading comments about these batteries from people smarter than I. Interesting and informative. I know plenty about politics and what little I know about EV batteries spook me as a potential buyer. We are getting ready to own our first hybrid.

  4. Ford svo

    Why would ford want to keep Jim Farley he needs to go under his leadership ford lost over 1 billion dollars why is that if i was a stock holder I’d demand Jim Farley headand I’d immediately would stop ev production


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