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Ford Dealers Told To Halt EV Investments Amid Ongoing Pivot

The Ford Model e Certified sales program has long been a controversial one, given the fact that the automaker was slated to require dealers to opt in and make massive investments in infrastructure and training if they wished to sell EVs moving forward. Facing backlash from Ford dealers, The Blue Oval has since tweaked the program multiple times, pushing back some requirements and vowing to continue making changes, and yet, it has also watched around half of its dealers opt out, regardless. Ford CEO Jim Farley also pledged to meet with dealers and listen to their concerns as the automaker pivots away from EVs and back toward hybrids in the short term. Now, the automaker has told Ford dealers to halt their EV investments following those meetings, according to Automotive News.

“We don’t want them to make any decisions between now and the middle of June, when you can maybe have a more informed decision-making process based off what we work out with council in the next few weeks,” Andrew Frick, president of Ford Blue, explained after meeting with a group of Ford dealers alongside Farley recently. “There’s a lot that we’ll be reviewing. I think we’re both pretty aligned on the process based on what we heard. I expect to see some changes coming out of it.”

Ford will now use the feedback it gathered to make changes to the Model e Certified program, which previously required dealers to complete their EV investments in the next few weeks to qualify. Frick didn’t outline what any of those potential changes could consist of, but acknowledged that the team discussed the rapidly changing EV market, at the very least.

Ford Mustang Mach-E South America PIA Awards 2024 - Exterior 001 - Front Three Quarters

“Our plans are really aimed at simplifying and reducing complexity,” he said. “We’re going to look at everything from floorplan assistance to our commitment to longer-term remote experiences, our Model e standards, and Ford Credit policies. What was great is that we had candid conversations around every aspect of the business. Nothing was off limits. We went into it with the approach that the company that has the closest relationship with the dealers is really going to win through this dynamic environment we’re in. I think that played out very nicely.”

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  1. Bill Howlanld

    Dealers must think then when talking about Ford’s requirements that they are talking to a bunch of little kids… The Brain-Challenged Folks in Ford’s upper management can’t seem to decide on a rational policy and this hurts honest dealers by Cavalierly expecting them to expend all kinds of funds for the Latest Ford Whim.

    The one that got me was that, for combined Ford/Lincoln dealerships, FORD insisted that they install a bank of FORD CHARGERS, (one is not enough per FORD, of course), AND a BANK of Lincoln branded Chargers….

    Now after spending $hundreds of thousands, dealers are told, “OKAY, just forget it”.

    It makes me think that this is one of the rare times when it is easier to deal with the government’s nonsense than it is to deal will the Great Brain Luminaries at FORD.

  2. Boomer

    Ya, and I can’t get a Blue Cruise Update to my 2022 F-150 ICE Unit. Still running on the Original 1.0 J U N K????? Thanks, F O R D….


    “…are talking to a bunch of little kids” – Kind of like when Ford Corporation talks to Congress about how to make the streets safer and the sky bluer. This situation is not brought on by well meaning engineers and factory managers, and it is not limited to this country’s resources – a world wide shift in transportation and communication technology has and will continue to disrupt our normal ways of working and travelling for some time. I don’t think I am alone in comparing this era to the early 1900’s, when we began the move from people riding horses and pulling wagons to purely mechanical means of moving stuff around. People had a popular saying in response to what must have seemed a terrible new technology for many folks – a soulless, metal and wood machine that smelled awful in operation, could catch fire, required special “feed”, or fuel that was not readily available in every hamlet or small town, and would not bring you home on it’s back if you drank too much. “Get a Horse!” they would say as the latest machine stranded its occupants far from any fuel. Today, we hear “Not enough range, not enough chargers, too expensive to buy. Should have got the gas motor!” Well, now that a large percentage of the population no longer needs to “Go to the Office” every day, instead tele-working or tele-learning from home or a rented office station, and more and more delivery and taxi services pop up, the need for either electric motor or gas engine is diminishing daily. The auto business is such a huge part of the economy, we need clear headed adults with some appreciation for history, but with an eye to the future of the transportation industry, both personal and commercial. Who in Congress has that mentality today?

    1. TIMOTHY

      There in lies the problem. We need to elect more lawmakers with back grounds in the sciences and engineering to help guide this and all countries in this time of energy transition.

    2. Tigger

      Perhaps we should leave it up to the people who are shelling out the money for these new cars to determine what gets purchased- not clueless politicians or those with a political agenda. The consumer is the best judge of what works for them.

  4. William J. Offutt jr.

    I was in a Ford Dealership yesterday, having a 2008 Ford Taurus X , and a 2016 Ford Flex. They were both receiving “The Works ” , complete checkup including oil changes. This Dealership has a 20 day backup in servicing Fords at $ 150.00 per hour labor rate. We even have scheduled a rear brake pads replacement in July ! They just sold their last electric auto this past week, and are reluctant on ordering more ! Why because Customers are not buying them !

  5. hottoddy

    It may be a little late for that pivot for some of the stores I have visited. They looked pretty well invested in the program. That Blue Oval Kool Aid must have had a really good taste at the time of the roll out.

  6. Dan

    The Nationwide boycott against EVs has worked like a charm. Keep it up everyone. We showed them the Government doesn’t decide what we drive. Hybrid boycott is now in effect.

  7. Sam

    Our repair shop had the article from Consumer Reports about EVs being less reliable than ICE vehicles hanging on their waiting room wall. Says it all.

  8. jerry3741

    Ford and the goverment can fix a Hemorrhoid Promblem with there mandates. The America people have made there choice. Ford needs to fix there Quality issues beford they do any thing else. Go woke go broke.


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