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Ford Edge Production Decreased For Its Final Month

Rumors surrounding the pending demise of the Ford Edge swirled for years before that fact was confirmed by the automaker itself, meaning that we’ve been awaiting the end of production for that particular model at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada for some time now. As Ford Authority reported back in January, Ford Edge production was ultimately extended a bit and slated to end on April 26th, after which the Oakville plant will be retooled for the production of all-electric vehicles. Now that we’ve moved into May, Ford’s latest sales report indicates that the final month of Ford Edge production resulted in a decrease versus March, too.

In January, Ford Edge production at the Oakville plant came in at 9,452 units, which was 18.5 percent or 1,478 units more than December. However, things really took off in February, as Ford built a total of 15,167 units, which was a month-over-month increase of 5,715 or a little over 60 percent, and FoMoCo followed that up by building 15,073 Edges in March, which was a small decrease of 94 units or 0.6 percent. However, April’s decline was more significant, as Ford Edge production totaled 11,748 units, which is 3,325 units or 22 percent less than the month prior.

While Ford plans to move forward with Oakville’s retooling in Q2, it also delayed the start of Ford Explorer EV production there from 2025 to 2027, causing many to wonder why Ford Edge production wasn’t extended as a result. However, as Ford Authority recently reported, the automaker stated that this wasn’t possible due to “supply case constraints and emissions requirements.”

Now, the 3,200 Unifor-represented workers at Oakville are in a bit of a limbo as the union and the automaker work to mitigate the impacts of this rather long pause in production at the plant, and that delay also left Unifor “extremely disappointed” in Ford’s decision as well.

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  1. Mortimer Duke

    Precisely which EV does Ford think it can produce that will be as profitable as Edge when Mach-E hardly is setting the world ablaze ?

  2. Joe

    Edge PHEV would look real nice now !

  3. Mike K

    Yes a PHEV Edge would have been my pick. I traded my 2020 Edge for a 2023 Santa Fe PHEV .

  4. Al

    PHEV Is my replacement for our 2018 Edge. All they needed to due was move the left foot rest. And make hybrid available and sell millions.

  5. Ned

    2014 Edge Sport owner/mechanic. Front brakes done at 96000km. Rear brakes done at 141000 km. Nothing else touched beside oil change. I would have bought another Edge in a heart beat. Wrong decision Ford.

  6. Radu

    They were going to make an Explorer EV. Which in my opinion is doomed to fail, most explorer buyers have families, and with the cost of international travel most are staycationing and looking to take road trips. Imagine being stuck at a charging station for hrs with young kids and a dog? No thanks. Wasn’t going to sell, they have a HARD time selling the Explorer Hybrid, the Grand Highlander Hybrid is just too damn good. Sad to say but I think the Oakville plant is maybe going to shut down for good, land is worth more than any profit they will ever make on vehicles produced there in a 50yr period.

  7. B. Vanier

    I am totally disappointed in Ford’s decision to turn the Ford Edge up into all electric production! I really think they are making a big mistake. We currently have a 2016 Edge and have had no problems. Was looking to purchase a new one this year but not now! Would consider a hybrid but not total EV!
    Henry Ford is crying in his grave!

  8. Byron

    I can’t understand why Ford did not make a hybrid Edge. I would have traded my current Edge and purchased one. Not good planning on Ford’s part.

  9. Ed Certusi

    What ‘s wrong with Ford
    anyway? I have a 2017
    Edge and it is the best
    Vehicle l ever owned.
    I had planned to buy a
    new Edge at the end of
    this year,but now have
    to look around for
    something as good.
    Good luck to me.Ford
    Wake up and save the
    Edge before it’s too
    Late.For me no more
    Fords.By me beloved
    Edge and goodbye for
    good Ford.You’re really
    Ford Edge owner.


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