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Ford Endorses New Biden Admin Vehicle Emissions Standards

Though it could have serious financial implications for the automaker, Ford has long backed stricter emissions rules in both the U.S. and in other parts of the world, which it has restated time and time again. That was also the case with proposed U.S. Energy Department (DOE) fuel economy standards that other automakers and lobby groups have been battling, though amid that same pressure, the Biden Administration recently announced that it was significantly softening its targets in that regard. That change is regarded as a major win for automakers like Ford, which were set to risk paying billions in fines through 2032 if the rules were not met, and perhaps unsurprisingly, The Blue Oval has now thrown its support behind these new emissions standards, according to Reuters.

2024 Ford E-Transit - Exterior 001 - Front Three Quarters

“Complying with emissions regulations requires lengthy advance planning, and Ford has taken steps to transform its business to ensure compliance with stricter emissions standards,” the automaker said in a statement. Ford added that it also welcomes the stability provided by the so-called “Multi-Pollutant Rule,” which is says will help prevent the “possibility of flip-flopping or changing standards.”

This is notable given the division among political parties stemming from these proposed emissions rules, as well as the fact that the Alliance for Automotive Innovation – a lobby group that counts Ford among its members – has long opposed stricter standards, for the most part. However, that same group does support the EPA’s move to include electric vehicles in the fleetwide averaging of emissions, as well as the decision to exclude upstream emissions from compliance calculations, stating these moves “are essential if vehicle manufacturers are to have any possibility of demonstrating compliance with the GHG reduction targets.”

Ford F-150 Lightning Mobile E-Scooter Business - Exterior 004 - Front Three Quarters

Previously, the EPA proposed lowering the compliance value of EVs by 72 percent in 2027. Now, following its latest revision, the final rule will instead gradually reduce the petroleum equivalent EV fuel economy rating through 2030 and by 65 percent in total.

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  1. Bill

    Ford reacts to consumer demand by increasing hybrid models. Biden rules would demand EV production. What is it? Government mandates that do not come from Co gress or consumer choices? Supreme Court has already ruled on more than one of these mandates that did not come from Congress.

    1. Tigger

      Hopefully the invalid-in-chief will be swept out of office in November.

  2. Mf

    Frankly, a lot of consumers don’t even want hybrids. They just want prices to come back to reality. Unfortunately, those.prices are the fault of CAFE fines in many cases.

  3. MayhenMike

    Ford will bear the scars of kissing Biden’s ass for de axes to cone

  4. Tigger

    Idiots. I’m surprised people in upper management still have their jobs. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot by hitching your wagon to an inept, virtue-signaling, woke administration chock full of incompetents.

    1. Thurston Munn

      Amen to that !!!

  5. Common-Sense Patriots

    I endorse President Biden’s standards, too.

    1. Tigger



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