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Ford EV Battery Orders Cut Amid Gas, Hybrid Vehicle Pivot

A few years ago, it seemed like the great Ford EV tsunami would help the company ride a giant wave toward full electrification. However, the company expected demand for battery electric vehicles to steadily increase, a prediction that never came to fruition, which left the automaker in a unenviable spot. As a result, the Blue Oval significantly pared back its EV ambitions, perhaps most significantly demonstrated by its decision to delay the next generation Ford F-150 EV and its future fully electric three row, in favor of a more balanced approach. And now, the company has cut back on battery orders from its suppliers, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Although the report doesn’t offers specifics on what battery orders were cut, the company has outlined changes to its electrification strategy as it relates to specific vehicles. In Europe, the Ford E-Transit Custom sits on a platform designed to accommodate gasoline, diesel, plug-in, and fully electric powertrains. But the company was originally set to establish a joint-venture EV battery plant with LG, an agreement that unraveled as anticipated demand evaporated. Instead, the company recently touted the Transit Custom’s plant flexibility in producing powertrains of all types. LG is still supplying the Ford EV van with batteries from its own facility.

Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat Switzerland - Exterior 003 - Front Three Quarters

Another Ford EV impacted by low demand is the Ford F-150 Lightning. The company officially reduced production of the pickup at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center earlier this year, and also pared back its workforce at the plant too. SK On is responsible for producing the batteries that power the pickup, and the company is currently working with Ford at BlueOval City in Tennessee and BlueOval SK Battery Park in Kentucky. The battery plant in Kentucky is still expected to come online in 2025, although it isn’t yet clear what the vehicles will receive the batteries produced by that particular plant.

While the Ford EV pivot failed to materialize the way the automaker expected, it is currently focused on building all types of vehicles, as demonstrated by its new “Freedom of Choice” ad campaign. Bill Ford and other executives has stated that the company isn’t looking to push any type of vehicle on its customers, and that they will ultimately be the ones to dictate what the automakers builds.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. John

    I think Ford is doing a great job currently, but it’s amazing how out of touch some of these execs, hedge funds (Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street, etc), and consulting companies like S&P Global are. Lowercase “gm” seems like a lost cause and they can keep their “All-EV future”.

    1. Mf

      They’re not out of touch, they think they can dictate to the masses what to do.

      It also doesn’t help that the current EPA regime creates completely unachievable requirements that are designed to tax ICE out of the market

  2. cwj

    it didnt take a scientist to see this was a bascially moving cart before the horse….Ford got into a ego with Elon and Tesla…took the bate…and now paying the price…

  3. Jim Hutchinson

    I will buy when I can charge in 5-10 minutes and not have to pay a tow truck to take me to a charging station (the closest being who knows how many miles away).

  4. Mike K

    What Choice? I ordered a 2023 Maverick hybrid in 2023 it never got built. Ford dropped the hybrid Explorer. No more Edges being built. Escape is on the chopping block. Lock at Hyundai and Kia they have a hybrid in almost every line of vehicles they build. I bought a 2023 Santa Fe Limited PHEV. 9,000+ miles ten fuel ups 84.7 mpg. If Ford would have had an Edge PHEV that’s what I would have trade my 2020 Edge in for.

    1. Chaddy

      Exactly! Look at Toyota too, every model automobile they make either offers a hybrid version or hybrid only. Almost the same for Honda. Oh yeah, and all of these brands mentioned (Kia/Hyundia, Toyota, Honda) still offer various versions of SEDANS and cars. Who would of thunk lol.
      The North American automakers are really out of touch with what WE want. Essentially forcing EV mandates on us by saying no ICE cars by 2035. Have very few hybrid or PHEV optons for the US market but cater to China.
      Back to Ford, they really missed out on an opportunity with creating a hybrid edge.


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