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Ford EV Charging Partner EA Announces New Network Expansion

After teaming up with The Blue Oval to offer complimentary charging trials for Ford F-150 Lightning and Ford Mustang Mach-E customers in the past, critically acclaimed third-party EV charging company Electrify America has set its sights on expanding its existing network – which is important given the fact that current infrastructure is widely considered to be inadequate. In addition to opening its first indoor charging station recently and pledging to add North American Charging Standard (NACS) plugs to its existing stations, the Ford EV partner just revealed yet another expansion plan, too.

Electrify America Indoor Charging Station San Francisco 002

This new expansion plan comes on the heels of rapid growth in 2023, in which EA saw 10 million charging sessions occur at its stations – double the number in 2022 – which it estimates led to over 1.3 billion electric miles driven and a reduction in the consumption of more than 52 million gallons of gasoline. Over the same time period, EA also grew to 900 stations across 47 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and six Canadian provinces, adding 6,000 new chargers and upgrading 680 old ones.

However, Electrify America obviously isn’t done yet, and looking ahead, the company plans to expand its North American charging network even further throughout the course of 2024. The company expects to end the year with 5,000 DC fast chargers in its portfolio across that region, while also opening larger charging stations to meet increasing demand. Additionally, EA plans to expand its Plug&Charge payment technology to ease the transition for those making the switch to EVs.

Today actually marks six years to the day since Electrify America installed its first charging station, which makes now the perfect time to announce these particular plans. However, looking further down the road, EA also expects to double the size of its existing network by 2026, too.

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  1. John

    EA is a critically acclaimed dcfc provider. Is this a joke. eA is terribly unreliable , just to an EA site two weeks ago. Three of four machines were down. Had to backtrack 20 miles to charge enough to get home. I dont recall ever stopping at an EA site where every machine worked

    1. Doug

      It is nice that Fords can just charge at Tesla SuperChargers too.

  2. Bill

    Improved reliability is needed. Communication on such problems would be helpful to consumers. Is it one or two vendor hardware issues causing headaches for all? Or do all charging hardware vendors have issues? If so. Then why not just copy Tesla Supercharger design which are more reliable?


    I agree EA and others need to be as reliable as Tesla Superchargers if they want my business.

    1. Doug

      True, yet, I hear SuperChargers just lowered their standards so it may soon be that EA will be just as reliable, and they will not have to spend a penny to get there. lol.


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