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Ford EV Rival Fisker May Not Survive Into 2025

With demand for EVs falling behind expectations as of late, Ford has delayed the launch of a couple of planned models, slashed its planned Ford F-150 Lightning production for 2024, and pivoted its focus to hybrids and smaller, cheaper all-electric vehicles. The Blue Oval’s all-EV competition is having a tougher time navigating these troubled waters, as both Rivian and Tesla recently laid off a number of workers as sales decline. However, this lull may ultimately claim the literal lives of at least one upstart EV automaker – Fisker – which sells the Ocean, a Ford Mustang Mach-E rival – according to a new report from Reuters.

Just this past January, Fisker announced that it would be selling its vehicles via franchised dealers rather than direct online sales, as many of its rivals do. This move was designed to help spur Ocean sales, which have thus far proven to be quite dismal, though founder Henrik Fisker noted that it would also help the company expand its network more quickly. Additionally, Fisker was also planning on adding additional models to its lineup, including a small, affordable crossover dubbed the Pear, as well as the Alaska mid-size pickup.

Those plans may ultimately not come to fruition now, however, as Fisker’s Austrian unit – Fisker GmbH – recently filed for bankruptcy protection as it desperately tries to stay afloat as it bleeds cash. At the same time, the company continues to explore its options after a potential deal with an unnamed “major automaker” fell through. However, the company’s other divisions will continue to operate normally and are not included in these negotiations, and it continues to sell and service vehicles, regardless.

“By filing to open a restructuring proceeding via self-administration, Fisker Austria gains breathing room to protect its business while it conducts a value-maximizing strategic transaction or other sale of assets,” said a Fisker spokesperson. “Fisker continues to diligently explore all available options to maximize the value of its global business.”

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    Fabulous! I never want to see people fail but I will make an exception here. These are the same snake oil salesman that said a little while ago the ICE, I hate that buzzword! Say gas powered vehicles were dinosaurs and EV’s were the coming thing. Well a funny thing happened on the way to the bank, after the EV fanboys bought theirs nobody wanted them !!!! That’s what happens when the producer tells the consumer what they are going to buy !!!

  2. Ron

    Again ?

  3. Mf

    The funny part is Filter already died once before.

    Fisker and Rivian and Lucid all likely ont survive. 2 years from now we will talk about all of them in past tense.


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