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Ford EV Tesla Charging Adapter Flipped For Tidy Profit

After inking a deal with Tesla that grants its EV owners access to that company’s Supercharger network, Ford got to work developing an adapter that allows Ford F-150 Lightning and Ford Mustang Mach-E to utilize that type of charger’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), even though they’re equipped from the factory with Combined Charging Standard (CCS) ports. That Tesla NACS adapter was revealed earlier this year, and became available to order in late February. However, Ford soon ran into some supply issues that are delaying the delivery of some adapters, which gave someone the perfect opportunity to capitalize and make a profit on theirs.

Ford EV Tesla NACS Charging Adapter Flipped For Tidy Profit

This Tesla NACS adapter for Ford EVs was listed on eBay recently with a buy it now price of $599.99 – not including shipping – which obviously came as a shock to many. However, it wasn’t long before someone paid that seemingly exorbitant price, and since these adapters are being provided to Ford EV owners for free, they cleared that full amount as pure profit, it seems.

For those willing to wait rather than shelling out big bucks for this Tesla adapter, existing F-150 Lightning and Mach-E owners can head to this site to order a free one, and they can do so through June 30th, 2024. The adapter will enable them to utilize the Supercharger network, but after the cutoff date, it will be sold for a retail price of $230. As for Ford Pro commercial customers, they’ll be contacted this spring with instructions on how to order their own adapters, too.

However, those folks may also have to wait a while, as even though some NACS adapters have already shipped to select Mach-E and F-150 Lightning owners, the aforementioned supply chain issues have led to some delays in the shipment of additional units. Recently, two Reddit users posted pictures of an email they received informing them that their adapter shipments have been delayed from May to June, in fact.

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H/T: Mach-E Forum

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  1. mike

    That being said the f-150 10 speed trans is still garbage and ford doesnt stand behind them.

    $ 7500 invoice coming your way if you own one.

  2. Boomer

    Ya, Mine has Been replaced already at 4700 Miles. Hopefully FORD Starts having a Reputable Company Go through these 10 Speed 10R80’s They can Be FIXED!!! “O” and BTW, These adapters have a Fatal FLAW. GO watch the You Tuber, State Of Charge. He show’s the Issue with this Foreign Made Unit.

  3. Fjd

    Will Ford and Lincoln PHEV owners receive a free adapter? If not, how do we obtain one and that price?
    2021 Corsair GT (OHEV) owner

    1. ricegf

      Most PHEVs support Level 2 (AC) charging only, so the fast charge (DC) adapter discussed in the article won’t work with them.

      Instead, you want a widely available NACS-to-J1772 adapter starting at around $50. I have no idea if Ford will give you one for free. It would be a nice gesture, I suppose, but it’s not nearly as critical as the supercharger adapter.

      Tesla still includes a free J1772-to-NACS adapter ($50 list price from Tesla and around $30 third party) with their vehicles, but I presume they will stop at some point now that NACS is the standard.

  4. Dave

    Mine was ordered at the beginning of March, expected shipping date is mid September. Yet another failure by Ford.

  5. anonymous guest

    I just saw a Lightning charging at a Tesla spot, Tuesday, contractor truck very near a construction site. I wonder how owners were selected?

    1. ricegf

      Were they using the Ford adapter, or was it a Magic Dock Supercharger with the adapter built-in?

      Pretty much any EV can charge at a Magic Dock Supercharger. That was Tesla’s approach to capturing the taxpayer subsidies intended only for their competitors when the government was still requiring CCS compatibility.

      Most of the Superchargers we use on our regular travels are now equipped with Magic Dock.

  6. Miguel

    Someone should also develop an adapter with an extended cable- so these vehicles can stop taking up 2 charging spaces.
    The new newest stations will have longer cables, but that won’t help other stations. Maybe that’s what Elon is thing to spend that 500 million on


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