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Ford F-150 Lightning Prototype Spotted With More Lug Nuts

Following its debut for the 2022 model year, the Ford F-150 Lightning has officially entered its third year of production with deliveries of 2024 model year pickups beginning just a couple of weeks ago. The EV pickup has been treated to a number of changes over that time span, but The Blue Oval has also been working on developing a second-generation F-150 EV pickup as well – though that particular model was recently delayed, along with the three-row Ford Explorer EV for North America. Regardless, Ford Authority spotted what looks like a refreshed 2025 Ford F-150 Lightning prototype out testing recently, and now, we’ve come across another one with a very interesting feature.

That feature is the presence of eight lug wheels, which is notable given the fact that the current Ford F-150 Lightning utilizes a six lug setup. Even more notably, the Ford Super Duty uses an eight lug design, though it’s unclear why this Ford F-150 Lightning is following suit. However, it is possible that this pickup is equipped with a new battery, as typically, heavier-duty trucks utilize more lug nuts as a way to add strength.

As Ford Authority previously reported, the Ford F-150 Lightning has long been in line to receive a new lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) battery option – likely for standard range models, as is the case with the Ford Mustang Mach-E. It’s unclear if that’s the case with this prototype, though it remains feasible, at least.

Otherwise, as was the case with the previously-spotted Ford F-150 Lightning prototype, this one is equipped with a bevy of camouflage covering nearly the entire vehicle. That includes the street sweeper camo underneath, which is typically used to conceal changes to a vehicle’s undercarriage – including suspension systems – but in this case, it’s possible that Ford is hiding a new battery or electric motors.

Otherwise, from what we can see in these photos, the front end doesn’t appear to be very different at all, and has its familiar-looking headlights and light bar peeking through. As for what the heavy camo coating is covering, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what transpires in the coming weeks and months, particularly if these eight-lug wheels wind up signaling a more significant change underneath.

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  1. Cory

    No mention of the gizmo in the bed and wires running to the front? Possibly testing an external battery extension pack like the Cybertruck

  2. Mike

    Rear wheels look cambered like an irs

    1. Bob

      The current lighting is IRS so I’m guessing this one is still too

  3. Ford Owner

    More torque needs more lugnuts to hold the hub to the axle. All of GM’s Ultium powered EVs (Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC) and the Honda Prologue (built by GM) have six lugnuts.

  4. Another Ford Owner

    Who’s to say it’s not an F250 lightning prototype?

    1. Kevin

      That would be awesome

  5. Adam

    Anyone else wondering if it has hub motors or giant drum brakes?

    1. Michael

      I saw that too. No calipers. So that’s not a rotor. And it’s definitely not drum brakes on such a heavy vehicle.

      All this means the lightning is getting hub motors! Also explains the increased lug nuts to spread the load onto the motor.

    2. anonymous guest

      I was thinking about this truck, and hoping it’s drums, on an axle with third member motor unit. I still really like external rotor motors, but a rotor bell bolted to a yoke shaft.

      They’re gonna need to also do an EREV, the BEV Lightning can only be a niche. The more they share with the regular trucks the better.

  6. David K

    Ram’s Range Extended Electric truck has 8 lugs too. Might be something even heavier than a lightning they’re trying out.

  7. Tony W.

    Maybe it’s a mule for the T1.

  8. Paul Sandgren

    Judging from the 8 lug pattern, it suggests to me that this is a prototype for a higher end more powerful unit with large battery capacity probably for towing. My guess it is going against the GM pickup which has a giant battery but has a range of well over 400 miles. This is what is needed for long distance towing. it’s a bit of a waste if you do not intend to tow with it.

  9. David K

    Didn’t notice until just now, but the truck also seems to be sporting some 24″ wheels?!?! The one with the Michelins, not the Bridgestones.


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