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Ford Mustang Sideswipes Tesla Cybertruck On Highway: Video

Following a bit of a prolonged wait and multiple delays, the Tesla Cybertruck finally launched late last year, after which Ford reportedly paid big money to acquire one for benchmarking purposes. Since then, we’ve seen plenty of Cybertrucks populating roads and causing quite the scene, largely because, well, its styling is what one might call controversial. We’ve also seen plenty of wrecks in recent weeks involving Ford Mustang models, and now, those two worlds have collided (quite literally) in what may be the first Tesla Cybertruck wreck that has happened since its launch.

Ford Mustang Crashes Into Tesla Cybertruck - Exterior 001 - Side

Since the Tesla Cybertruck comes equipped with an array of cameras – like every model from the EV-only manufacturer – this incident was caught on film and posted to YouTube by the channel known as The Megawatts recently. In it, we can see an S550-generation Mustang convertible – which already has some damage to its bodywork – suddenly swerve over while traveling down the highway and smash into the side of the Cybertruck.

Ford Mustang Crashes Into Tesla Cybertruck - Exterior 003 - Side

It’s unclear if the Mustang driver did this intentionally or just didn’t see the giant, stainless-steel EV pickup when trying to change lanes and get around a semi truck in the other lane, but either way, the driver of the pony car decided to take off rather than stop and exchange insurance information or notify the police. The Mustang wound up suffering some pretty substantial damage as a result, but interestingly, that wasn’t necessarily the case with the Cybertruck.

Rather, there are some scratches in the EV pickup’s black paint protection film and fender flares, but surprisingly, we don’t see any dents or other major damage present. It seems as if the wrap did a great job of protecting the stainless steel underneath, but regardless, The Megawatts is now trying to track down the Mustang owner, who should be brought to justice, if nothing else.

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  1. Larry

    It’s not the Mustang that did this, it was caused by a mentally disturbed person. Just like
    with our 2 Amendment, it’s not the gun, it’s mentally disturbed people at the cause.

    1. 19BULLITT

      So what you’re saying is that like guns, conservatives should also not be willing to do anything to help prevent mentally disturbed people from getting a driver’s license or access to cars? And not help them get the help they need?


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