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Ford Patent Filed For Upgradable EV Charging Ecosystem

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for an upgradable EV charging ecosystem that may be used in future Ford vehicles, Ford Authority has learned.

The patent was filed on November 21st, 2022, published on May 23rd, 2024, and assigned serial number 0170980.

Ford Patent Upgradable EV Charging Ecosystem

The Ford Authority Take

As it continues to roll out new charging solutions for its EV customers – both of the retail and commercial variety – Ford also continues to file patents centered around ways to improve that process in the future. Most recently, that includes Ford patent filings for ideas such as an induction charging system, a hands-free EV charging system, and a portable vehicle charging system, to name just a few. Now, this new Ford patent keeps that trend going with a new idea for an upgradable EV charging ecosystem that may be used in future Ford vehicles, too.

Ford Patent Upgradable EV Charging Ecosystem

The system outlined in this new patent filing pertains specifically to home charging, which – as Ford points out – is where 80 percent of current retail EV owners do their charging. Thus, as more private citizens buy EVs, there will likely be a desire for more flexible and elegant charging systems, as well as a more convenient solution for commercial EV operators, which is where this charging system comes into play.

Ford Patent Upgradable EV Charging Ecosystem

The charging system outlined in this patent is designed to be modular in nature, as well as upgradeable and customizable. The idea is to make it easier to integrate a charger into one’s garage, and even be able to move it around based on where owners park their EVs as well. Users would even be able to swap out things like outlet and transformer modules, making such a system potentially future proof – and quite useful – if it indeed comes to fruition.

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  1. Bill Howland

    Is it me? Or does this just look like a breaker box and receptacles…..

    Most of this junk Ford waste their time on doesn’t look patentable to me.

    Why don’t they to do better than the absolute worst reliability company? Quality is Job #1? haha.


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