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Ford Ranked Most Innovative Automotive Company For 2023

Over the past couple of years, Ford has been recognized on numerous occasions as one of the most innovative companies in the world, landing on Fast Company’s 2022 Most Innovative Companies in Design list, as well as that same organization’s list of the Most Innovative Companies in 2023, too. Now, Ford is once again being highlighted for that same particular strength, this time, by ranking at the very top of its class in OnDeck’s 2023 Most Innovative American Companies list.

OnDeck 2023 Most Innovative American Companies List

In fact, Ford ranked as the top automotive company in that regard, based on data obtained by OnDeck, which is an online small business lending company. That organization analyzed data from the U.S. Patent Office to reveal the most innovative American companies, based on the number of patent grants they received in 2023. In that regard, Ford beat out every other automaker in the U.S. after being granted a total of 1,306 new patents last year.

In terms of all U.S.-based companies, IBM ranked ahead of the pack after being granted 3,953 patents in 2023, and in fact, it has held that title dating all the way back to 1993 – save for 2022. In terms of automakers, Ford held a sizable lead over the second-place General Motors, which was granted 870 patents last year, and interestingly no other automaker made the cut on this particular list. As OnDeck points out, this is particularly important as companies “must innovate to stay relevant and competitive through changing times,” and one of the best ways to do that is by constantly coming up with new ideas – not to mention, following that up by securing those pieces of intellectual property.

2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Flash - Exterior 003 - Rear Three Quarters

Of course, Ford Authority covers a large number of Blue Oval patent filings on a regular basis – such a plethora of innovative ideas pertaining to EV frunks, not to mention ways that future Ford models may get even smarter than they are today. However, these reports are only scratching the literal surface of the sheer number of patents that Ford files – and is granted – on a daily basis, as is evident from this study.

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    Focus on making vehicles cheaper and reliable. Stop wasting money and time on stupid patents.

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      Agreed. The chip dip frunk is ridiculous.


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