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Ford Tech Reiterates Importance Of Motorcraft Parts: Video

Over the years, we’ve heard time and time again why it’s best to stick with OEM replacement parts – even engine oil – and that applies to Ford models as well. Science even backed this notion up in a recent test showing that Ford Motorcraft oil is superior to the competition, while FoMoCo technician and YouTuber Brian Makuloco has warned us against using aftermarket coils and spark plugs in the past via his Ford Tech Makuloco channel. Now, Makuloco is back with yet another real-world example of why Motorcraft parts are usually the best way to go in Ford vehicles.

Ford Technician Motorcraft vs Aftermarket Replacement Parts

Makuloco admits that this is a bit of a controversial topic, but when it comes to replacement parts, using aftermarket goods can cause all kinds of issues. In this case, he has a 2012 Ford Taurus in his shop, which was throwing a P2098 code, meaning that the rear O2 sensor is showing that the vehicle is running lean – a bit strange since it isn’t the front, upstream sensor. This led the owner to simply swap out both sensors, but the issue persisted – which prompted him to replace the fuel pump and various other parts, too.

Once the owner gave up, he brought it to Makuloco, and after performing a PCM scan, he immediately figured out what the problem was – bank two was sitting at 2.5 volts, which is far higher than the normal one or so volts, meaning that there’s a shortage somewhere. As it turns out, the problem comes directly from the “universal” aftermarket O2 sensor present in the car.

Simply swapping out that aftermarket part with an official Ford piece solves the problem instantly, meaning that the owner could have saved themselves both time and money by sticking with OEM goods in this case. Makuloco notes that he sees things like this all the time, which is further proof that when it comes time to replace even the simplest of parts, sticking with official Ford stuff is probably a good idea.

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  1. Bill

    Nothing wrong with using third party oil such as Mobil 1.

    1. Steve

      In some cases, aftermarket is better. OEM’s often cut corners to save a buck. I’d wager Duralast/valvoline/raybestos are all better than motorcraft parts. However, many cheaper parts, particularly Chinese parts are designed to fail, trying to make you into a repeat customer

  2. Jason

    As someone in the parts industry, this guy in this video and I both know a lot of these “aftermarket” parts are made by the same manufacturer on the same lines as the OEM. Using a universal oxygen sensor was the mistake as you have to splice wires. That OEM sensor is most likely Bosch, it could be an NTK as Ford uses multiple manufacturers.

  3. rapturd

    Depends on the part but some oem parts suck where aftermarket is an improvement

  4. Mike

    Amen! Changed out a radiator on a Mercury Milan. Ordered a non original part off of a national part supplier. They offered four versions of the radiator. Cheaper,cheap, moderately priced,and Motorcraft. Bought moderately priced and the two studs at the bottom of the radiator that fit into the front support were 3/4 of an inch off. Returned, bought the Motorcraft, fit perfect. Lesson learned.

  5. CWJ

    I use Motorcraft oil filters and electronic parts….but aftermarket on most other…,i have never had a good Motorcraft battery since buying Ford products new starting in the 70s….the one in my Transit T 250 only lasted two years… hit and miss…

  6. Bandit65

    They shud make dem factree pahrts mo’ fodabul, oh wait disregard that wud cut intu da profit margens!

  7. James

    A Ford Dealer installed OEM Ford front brake rotors and pad on my 2012 Escape. The rotors warped and I got brake shimmy in 14,000 miles. I had an independent shop replace the rotors with an aftermarket brand they liked to install and they offered me 3 different brake pad options, I chose the premium ones as they were only $20.00 more. Two years later when I had a brake caliber replaced they checked the runout on the rotors and installed new pads, rotors were still running true and no issues. There are a lot of excellent aftermarket parts available.

  8. nick

    Anyone’s part can fail, that’s why we buy them with a warranty. Lots of ford parts fail. just look at the 10 speed transmission, all ford diesels, ford cam phaser’s and on and on.


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