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FordPass 5.0 Update Features Substantial Changes

Over the years that it’s been around, the FordPass app has received a significant number of updates, which include not only typical bug fixes, but also, the addition of numerous new features that make it a convenient option for owners who like to do things like lock/unlock, start, or even turn on exterior lighting from their smartphone. Regardless, the automaker continues to tweak FordPass regularly to make it even better, and now, a new update has become available with an array of substantial changes.

This news comes to us directly from Ford CEO Jim Farley, who posted some information about the FordPass 5.0 update on X recently. Farley notes that the update is designed to make the app easier to use and more efficient, while also giving owners more control via their smartphones or even Apple Watches. This full redesign reportedly speeds up the app and makes it less prone to crashing or experiencing other errors, to boot.

On top of that, Ford has added one tap vehicle controls, quicker access to key features, an enhanced charge management function for EVs, smart watch updates, a remote climate control feature specifically for Ford F-150 Lightning owners, and a streamlined design, to boot. These moves come after the FordPass Rewards program received its own significant overhaul last year, changing from milestones to tiers, as well as the addition of new stickers for Apple users.

Recent updates to FordPass have paid off in terms of critical acclaim, at least, as the app ranked in the top five in J.D. Power’s 2023 U.S. OEM EV App Benchmark Study, as well as above average in the same organization’s 2023 U.S. OEM App Report.

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  1. Ryan

    Yeah I really don’t understand this update.
    -It’s SUPER slow to load.
    -They got rid of the lights/horn button (or hid it so much I can’t find it).
    -I don’t really understand how it’s quicker access to key features? Both version boot up straight to the start/lock/unlock screen.
    -I have yet to find and added features.
    -Watch support is for Apple only, no Samsung/Android support

    Just overall a worthless update, I reverted mine back to the old version although I imagine they will force the change soon.

    1. Kattmandu

      Doesn’t load at all for me. Just stuck on a white screen forever.

  2. Matt

    It looks good, but it seams like I lost a ton of features. All I can do is turn it on an doff and lock and unlock. Before this I was able to also control lights etc. Seams like the fordpass app is way behind other apps. My Wife has a Buick, her app is about 3 years old and still much better than this one. Oh well. The truck is great, the app, not great at all. lol 1st world problems though

  3. Bronco24

    Don’t care for features being buried in the app – not user friendly at all. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I can still lock my vehicle using my phone. Otherwise, this app is a waste. Changing things isn’t always for the better.

  4. Jay

    What about the maintenance records? Where have they gone to?

  5. MattinDC

    Ummm…I can’t find the owners manual. The dealers don’t give you a complete owners manual because it was in the app…..not anymore.
    Also, I no longer see my warranty info, including Ford Protect plan.

  6. Gary M. Shonkwiler

    Do not like it. Cannot find gas gage, have to hunt to find tire pressure. Slower to load. Go back to old version.

  7. Chester

    What have you done to the app!
    It’s terrible!
    Absolutely no information displayed.
    When I click on the vehicle icon in the lower left corner I expect to see everything there is to indicate vehicle information and functions as the older version did so well.
    Is this information accessible somewhere in the new app or gone for good?
    What I see now is a bunch of hype on an app with many take sways except for a different way to lock/unlock or remote start a vehicle, not impressed.
    The old system worked great too.

  8. Chuck


    So they removed functionality, or hid it, or put it behind a paywall…, that had been there for years and called it “streamlined”. What did you do with oil life monitoring, tire pressure monitoring, owner’s manual? They seem to be nowhere to be found anymore. I really dislike the new, degraded “enhanced” version. Ford should have just left well-enough alone. It certainly doesn’t increase the likelihood that my next vehicle will be a Ford.

  9. Bobs your uncle

    I’m with everyone else. Looks great but the loss in functionality suuuuuuucks. I used to be able to test my trailer lights and now it’s gone… sad face. Bring back functionality!

  10. Polly Gurleyf

    I need to plan a trip with three stops. Before I could easily do that and understand where to stay, charge, etc. I’ve looked high and low. I can’t figure out how to plan a trip any longer. And there is almost no information available any longer. Worse upgrade I’ve had on any app to date!

  11. Jody Thomas

    Please give us back the old version of FordPass!
    1. I want the fuel gauge back and not range for my Bronco.
    2. Super hard to find tire pressure!
    3. Ford Protect no longer showing up as it did on previous version.
    4. Inconsistent menu structure.

  12. Disappointed Ford Customer

    The new app is HORRIBLE.. where did my fuel gauge go?

  13. Michael

    The new app works on my android but not on my iphone, for the same vehicle. Really frustrating and cant get answers from Ford.

  14. David Sengelaub

    I agree with all the comments this is a step backwards

  15. Cakeladypa

    Awful upgrade. If it ain’t broke, don’t screw it up.
    I can’t do anything I used to do. It’s pretty much worthless to me.
    I loved the old version! What a shame.

  16. Barry

    They removed the trip planner! Vital for EV owners

  17. rudytbone

    the update is CRAP. Bring back the old version that actually worked and had functionality.

  18. Larry Greeson

    Most worthless update ever! Things are harder to find (not put in any logical places or groups). Some worthwhile information on the old app appears to be no longer available (regular and extended warranty information). Overall a complete fail.

  19. R Perrin

    Restore Trip Planner. This is essential.

  20. Bob

    This is terrible!!!! Bring back previous Ford Pass!!
    1. Tire Pressure
    2. Oil Life
    3. Maintenance History

    Just get back to what we had!

  21. Vonda

    This “new” change is a marked deterioration! I can see nothing and the screen goes blank. I cannot see basics of tire pressure, etc. I cannot schedule service either and can only get an on-line bot who does nothing for me either when I try other means for scheduling. I’m sure the vision for this new app seemed like a great idea; however, the logistics and outcome of this product is so poorly presented. You can see ALL the negative comments before me as well.

  22. R Gould

    Where the heck is the warranty and FOrd esp information? Was it removed? That information was super helpful when i needed service!


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