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Here’s A Guide To All 2024 Ford Edge Interior Colors

The final example of the 2024 Ford Edge rolled off the assembly line at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada on May 3rd, 2024, wrapping up production of the Edge line in North America altogether. Today, Ford Authority takes a look at the interior colors available for the crossover’s very last model year, including how to get each one. As a reminder, interior colorway availability depends on trim level; for reference, the 2024 Ford Edge is offered in SE, SEL, ST-Line, Titatium, and ST trim. With that in mind, let’s delve into all eight available interior colorways.


Ebony with Cloth seats

Dune with Cloth seats


Ebony ActiveX Trimmed seats – Navy Pier with Orange Stitching

Dune ActiveX seats

Dune Unique Cloth Seats

Ebony Unique Cloth Seats


Ebony ActiveX Seats with Miko inserts


Ebony ActiveX Trimmed Seats with FreeForm

Ebony/Medium Soft Ceramic ActiveX Trimmed Seats with FreeForm

Ebony ActiveX Trimmed seats with FreeForm and Mini Perforation

Ebony/Medium Soft Ceramic ActiveX Trimmed seats with FreeForm and Mini Perforation


Ebony Leather-Trimmed seats with Miko Inserts

Ebony Leather-Trimmed seats with Miko Inserts and Race Red and Raptor Blue Accent Stitching

The base 2024 Ford Edge SE trim exclusively offers cloth seats, finished in either Ebony or Dune colorways. The Edge SEL gets the same two colorways offered in conjunction with ActiveX Trimmed or Unique Cloth seating surfaces, while selecting the optional $1,295 Sport Appearance Package grants Ebony ActiveX Trimmed seats furnished with Navy Pier and Orange stitching.

Meanwhile, the ST-Line features ActiveX Trimmed seats with Miko inserts exclusively finished in Ebony. The Titanium trim features Ebony or Ebony with Medium Soft Ceramic interior environments along with ActiveX Trimmed seats with FreeForm and Mini-Perforation. The range-topping ST trim features Leather-Trimmed seats with Miko inserts finished in Ebony, while the optional ST Interior Appearance Package for $650 grants a special sets of seats: Leather-Trimmed Ebony seats with Race Red and Raptor Blue accent stitching.

As a reminder, there are also a plethora of wheel choices and optional packages available for the 2024 Ford Edge, as outlined in prior Ford Authority guides.

Unfortunately, production of the Ford Edge beyond the 2024 model year just wasn’t in the cards for the crossover, leading The Blue Oval to discontinue the vehicle outright. Considering that the Oakville plant will be overhauled to solely build EVs, continuing to produce the Edge simply could not continue because of “supply case constraints and emissions requirements.”

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Fordfan

    Completely IDIOTIC of Ford to not continue with an Edge replacement. It’s selling well and has a loyal base. What more could you ask for?

    1. John

      The Mach E is the same segment, just an electric variant.

      1. Fordfan

        The Mach E is a compact crossover SUV.
        The Edge is a midsize crossover SUV.
        How can they possibly be in the same segment?

        The Mach E doesn’t have the same cargo space, interior passenger legroom, and ride height as the Ford Edge. It’s also not as reliable.

    2. DWH

      My wife purchased a then new 2017 Edge Sport. She loves her Edge and will continue to drive he 48000 mile vehicle. It has loads of safety equipment and passengers comfort features along with it solid performance. We’ve never had any mechanical issue unlike my other brand of Sedan i purchased because Ford no longer offered a luxury, performance sedan from either their Ford or Lincoln brands. I don’t understand why Ford pulled the plug on possibly one if their best built vehicles. I ask if she was ready to step into a 2024 ST. Her replay was why.. With the EV production slowdown. Why not keep the plant building an SUV that consumers like. I feel dropping the edge us a mistake by Ford similar to their decision to no longer build a Ford sedan.

  2. Mark

    Ford does not listen to the customer. As a retiree from Ford I was a loyal buyer for the 35 years I worked and 10 retired years. The prices are mind boggling. I have had 3 Edges since 2011 all Titaniums with cooled seats. Now these Edges are 50k-55k. I couldn’t justify that much for the cooled seats so I went with a Suburu Outback with cooled seats for 40k. My wife is happy and that is what matters. Cooled seats are a luxury but Ford doesn’t offer it for under 60k now in the Explorer.

    1. Fordfan

      Mark, I completely agree. Have owned 2 Edges which I absolutely loved. Would be glad to buy another Edge.

  3. Fordfan

    Unfortunately Ford’s stupidity and short-sightedness is making me look elsewhere.

    A hybrid Edge would have been nice.

  4. Stephen Day

    We have owned 4 edges all sel trim or higher and in 2024 the price is so far out of reach it would be north of a 900 dollar payment on a lease even more to buy it over 1000 dollars

  5. Judy

    Why not make a hybrid. See more edges on the road than any other SUV. Love my Edge. Sad.

  6. Richard Kay

    I have had five edges and found them to be very reliable and probably the best Ford has built in along time. I will never buy an all electric vehicle if is identical to the edge or not. I have considered the hybrids. Wake up Ford.


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