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Iguana Mistakenly Shipped To Ford Plant Still At Detroit Zoo

Over the years, Ford vehicles have been used to transport all sorts of things – many of them, well, not exactly what one might call legal. That list includes a variety of drugs, in fact – everything from marijuana to crystal meth – but as it turns out, something a bit more innocent was transported to a Ford owned and operated plant many years ago, and it’s actually still around and thriving, albeit in a much different sort of venue. That thing is a spiny-tailed iguana, which was accidentally shipped to a Ford plant in Michigan a long time ago.

This particular type of iguana – which is actually native to the Sonoran desert in Mexico – was discovered and rescued back in 2010, and today, still lives at the Holden Reptile Conservation Center at the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak, Michigan. Visitors are still able to see the iguana in its home away from home to this day, along with some of its reptilian counterparts – or neighbors, in this case – a list that includes a 15-foot-long reticulated python and a massasauga rattlesnake, along with 131 total reptiles spanning 61 various species.

It’s unclear which Ford plant accidentally took delivery of this reptile to begin with, but the Detroit Zoo recently gave the reptile a shoutout as part of its Cinco de Mayo celebration this past weekend – a fitting tribute to its rather unique story.

“More than just a sweet face – this iguana has quite a rescue story!” the caption reads. “Native to the Sonoran desert of Mexico this Sonoran spiny-tailed iguana became an unlikely traveler when he was accidentally boxed up in Mexico and shipped to the Ford Motor plant in Michigan. Thankfully, he was rescued and found sanctuary at the Detroit Zoo in our Holden Reptile Conservation Center. Come say ‘hola’ to him today!”

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