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Is Ford Rival GM Planning To Revive Pontiac?

Few rivalries on earth can claim to be as long-lasting and intense as the one between Ford and General Motors, as those two iconic automakers have been battling it out on the track and in showrooms for over a century to this point. Over that rather long time span, both brands have undergone more than a few changes, including, of course, the addition and deletion of various brands. On the GM side of the coin, one of those defunct brands is Pontiac – which was discontinued more than a decade ago – though a rather cryptic ad on the back page of the latest issue of Car and Driver seems to hint that GM is bringing it back.


This rather interesting new ad was discovered GM Authority, and it’s one that has understandably raised more than few eyebrows since it debuted. “Pontiac fans, it’s been a weird 15 years since we left, hasn’t it?” the ad reads. “Now, we can’t definitely say that Pontiac’s absence influenced the events we all have been through, but c’mon. Caffeine comes out of Four Loko, and now it’s in lemonade? Everything on the road looks like an Aztek now?”

“You need us. America needs us. The future needs us. So Pontiac is back. Our first model is a hybrid. Surprised? Well, it uses a battery and an electric motor to start a 667-hp supercharged 372-cubic-inch V-8. And we think you’re going to want one, because what else are you going to do? You can’t buy a new Dodge Challenger and leave the splitter guards on anymore. Don’t worry, we’ve got you – our new car’s entire front end is a splitter guard.”

“At Pontiac, we”re here to offer a future filled with V-8s, great sounds, gold pinstripes, and window louvers. And if someone shouts ‘Last call,’ we’ll just smuggle in some Coors from Colorado and keep the party going.”


As if the multiple jabs at Dodge present here – coupled with the fact that this purported future Pontiac model will reportedly feature a front end made entirely from a splitter guard – isn’t enough of a clue that this ad may, in fact, not be real, there’s also a disclaimer at the bottom stating “Do you need to be told that this advertisement is fake and not to be taken seriously? Our lawyers think you do.”

While Pontiac would have turned 100 years old in 2026 – making a revival seemingly more realistic – if nothing else, this particular ad seems to be little more than a clever parody, perhaps even on Car and Driver‘s part. After all, the Camaro is gone – at least temporarily – and the Dodge Charger is set to return only in EV form, plus as an inline-six-cylinder powered model, leaving the Ford Mustang as the last V8-powered American muscle car standing. Even though GM has shown that it’s willing to dust off old brands and bring them back – just look at Hummer as proof of that concept – it seems highly unlikely that we’ll one day see Pontiac models populating GM dealer lots like they used to in the old days.

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  1. JE

    If GM revives Pontiac, I hope it returns as a performance cars brand. If it’s going to be revived to produce more boring SUV’s and crossovers, leave it dead.

    1. Jim Elsasser

      100% agree. Sick of SUVs

  2. John

    Yep, bring Pontiac back as the performance brand! V8s and/or V8 hybrids, please.

  3. Bob

    GM is in trouble with profits, unsold cars & trucks.
    Common sense says this is someones spoof.

  4. Rick Mitchell

    Let’s see the new Pontiac in person, and then we’ll believe it. Until then, there is nothing to this.

  5. Bob

    Bring it back as a performance line of vehicles. Have a Jim Wangers Edition GTO or The Judge.

  6. Ron

    Bring back The Judge

  7. Sam

    Hope so! Wanna see the T1000 and Astre in America’s future! Maybe even the Asstek.

  8. Colby Coleman

    It literally says the ad is fake on the bottom….

    1. Murray Henley

      Yes, but then, why is GM spending money on this ad? Bizarre…

      1. Lurch

        They’re not. Car and Driver is famous for elaborate April Fool’s Day jokes. Yes, it’s not the April edition, but it arrived in my mailbox during the month.

  9. Larry

    Bring them poncho’s back I say. I’ll always remember my 65 GTO and my 68 Firebird, BEST CARS I’ve ever owned and very fast for cars of that age.

  10. Tom

    20 mil to for feasibility study. Another 50 mil for research and development. One phone call from the board of directors to kill it.

  11. Michael Dee

    As long as they don’t emulate Chevrolet again, everything will be good. That’s what caused their demise in the first place, too much duplication.

  12. Ron

    Hot air.


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