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Jim Farley Says Ford Performance Testing Hybrid Engines

With global demand for all-electric vehicles failing to meet expected levels of growth, Ford has pivoted away from larger, pricier models, and is instead focused on developing smaller, cheaper ones. However, The Blue Oval is also investing heavily in hybrids, and plans to add a partially-electrified option to its entire ICE-centered Ford Blue lineup by 2030 as sales of those models continue to set new records. However, that won’t just apply to mainstream models, but rather, potentially sportier ones produced by Ford Performance as well, it seems.

“We’ve been testing and we really do believe partial electric powertrains work well for performance drivers,” Ford CEO Jim Farley said in a recent interview with Autocar, all while discussing the possibility of a hybrid Ford Mustang, in particular. Farley noted that hybrids can be used not only as a way to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy, but also, make for a great way to add performance to various types of vehicles as well.

A hybrid version of the Ford Mustang, in particular, has long been rumored to be in the works, and was previously expected to debut alongside the S650 generation for the 2024 model year. However, that electrified pony car was reportedly canceled prior to that event, though Farley has hinted at its existence on multiple occasions as of late.

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In fact, last August, Farley noted that a hybrid version of the Mustang coupe was more realistic and likely to happen than an all-electric variant, and in this same interview, shot down the idea of a Mustang EV completely, all while once again hinting that the automaker is working on a hybrid pony car. If that is ultimately the case, it would make perfect sense for Ford Performance to be involved in that process, as a Mustang hybrid would seemingly prioritize performance over efficiency, if it comes to fruition.

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  1. Camaro Dude

    I’d rather have a V8 hybrid than an EV if the V8 itself can’t be around.

    Thanks emissions.

  2. John

    Here we go!!! V8 hybrid Mustang and take my money!

  3. Sam

    Americans aren’t interested. We just joined the hybrid boycott after seeing how massively successful the EV boycott turned out.

    1. Stalkbroker94

      Speak for yourself. I used to daily a 2011 Crown Victoria and now, it’s more of a vehicle that I drive for an occasion. I absolutely love my Honda CR-Z, which is a small, hybrid sport hatch. It gets twice the fuel economy that my Crown Victoria gets. Do I prefer the torque and sound of the Crown Vic? Absolutely. Still, what’s wrong with hybrids? Seriously, what’s ACTUALLY wrong with them? I imagine it’s just about perception and nothing else. It’s useful technology and hardly a compromise. Will a lot of the guys at the manufacturing plant make fun of me because I drive a small car and they drive trucks? Yeah, but practicality indicates that I pay $9,000 for a used hybrid and pay maybe $20/week in fuel while they pay in excess of $50,000 for a new truck that they don’t need and shell out 2x-3x the amount in fuel each week. People like hybrids, just not all hybrids are all that appealing.

  4. Ford Owner

    Hybrids are better than turbocharged small engines. The electric setup reuses braking energy, the motor have better low speed torque, the engine have less wear, need less maintenance, and much less fuel. My 2014 Fusion Hybrid gives me over 40MPG every day. The only parts replaced in ten years are oil filters, wiper blades, tires, and the obsolete lead acid 12V battery. The rest is still factory original, even the air and cabin filters and brake pads.

  5. Brad Barefoot

    Farley … haven’t you screwed up enough at Ford ? Hybrids are not performance vehicles, my ’13 C-Max (bought new, still driving) still delivers around 55 mpg around town, and around 43 to 44 mph on the interstate. Farley, don’t mess up what is left in the Ford Stable.

    1. John

      The Corvette E-Ray disagrees. Hybrids can make great performance vehicles, especially with AWD and trying to get off the line with the power available nowadays.

    2. Stalkbroker94

      Ever hear of the Ferrari LaFerrari, the Porsche 918 Spyder, or McLaren P1? All are hybrids and all are outstanding in performance. It’s not that hybrid technology isn’t good for fast cars, it’s that they’re a particularly good way to eake out fuel economy. Of course your C-Max or my CR-Z aren’t fast; they weren’t made to be because they were made to be efficient.

  6. Mustangmike

    Give me an old school V8 muscle car with killer sound and a sticks shift and I am good. I don’t need to be the fastest car on the road, I just want a car that sounds good and is still fun to drive. You can keep all the electric garbage as it’s boaring and a huge fire Hazzard and will never be for me.

  7. Ryan

    Hybrids in my opinion is just plain better than just going straight electric when talking about modern muscle cars

    1. Ryan

      Especially if inturn if you want to you can make your car go from rwd to AWD with the front wheels being powered by electric motors and a big American v8 powering the rear wheels and a option to use each other separately or together


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