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Jim Farley Says He’ll Fight To Keep Ford V8 Engines Going

Even at the height of its planned EV pivot, Ford reiterated time and time again that it remained dedicated to building V8 engines as long as it possible could, given the future of regulations revolving around emissions and fuel economy standards. In fact, we heard this from Ford Performance Chief Engineer Carl Widmann back in 2021, and CEO Jim Farley last July, just as the all-new 2024 Ford Mustang debuted with an available Ford V8 powerplant. In a recent interview with Autocar, Farley once again touched on the future of the Ford V8 as well, saying that he’ll go so far as to fight to keep them around even while others are moving on.

Farley stated that he intends to continue making and selling Ford V8 engines “as long as God and the politicians let us,” more specifically, promising that he will fight not only for the future of the V8 in general, but also, the manual transmissions that enthusiasts prefer to pair them with. Farley added that he believes Ford is better positioned than some of its rivals to do so, given the fact that it’s also working on an array of EVs that will help offset ever-increasing emissions and fuel economy standards.

Based on Ford’s most recent contract agreement with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, we already knew that The Blue Oval would continue building V8s through at least 2028, but it certainly seems like we’ll continue to be able to buy them for far longer, based on these comments.

However, Farley also recently stated that a pure-EV version of the existing Mustang coupe will never happen, though he did admit that a hybrid was quite likely to arrive at some point in the future. The automaker plans to add a hybrid powertrain option to its entire ICE-focused Ford Blue lineup by 2030, which also seems to confirm that a partially-electrified Mustang is a given, too.

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  1. Camaro Dude

    Well done, Farley.

    You have me as a customer for an S650 GT.

  2. David Dickinson II

    Best thing Farley has said in years.

  3. Mf

    With a y luck all the EPA regs are rolled back and the majority of the department shuttered next go around.

  4. Dave

    Sure he will. Just like his push back on electric that everyone but the Bidumb administration could see was stupid. How much money did Ford waste on that boondoggle?

  5. GeorgeS

    Looking green, going green is a vote getter. Politicians want to look good unless you own a Mustang or Camaro.

  6. Rick Mitchell

    All good thoughts, Mr. Farley. Thank you!

    1. Sam

      Farley is flat out lying. He was saying the complete opposite not long ago.

  7. Mike

    I won’t hold my breath for Farley to follow through on this!

  8. kip

    A hybrid V8 Mustang that could get real world 30 mpg would be nice. A hybrid Ecoboost that got 35 mpg would be nice. With electric assist you have even more power than the ICE alone. My RAV4 hybrid is proof hybrid is better than ICE alone. I think a hybrid Mustang is definitely coming if a few years.

    1. Michael Lofton

      If that’s your desire, carry on.
      I see the addition of extraneous applications as the more expensive items to be maintained & repaired & adding to the initial cost.
      My druthers would be car reminiscent of a ’66 Lemans in simplicity & efficiency.

  9. Ford svo

    Jim Farley they you need to get the pricing in line and stop the production of electric vehicles can you not see the American people don’t want them we don’t care what joe and his ho wants ,its time Ford, GM ,And stallantis started listening to the people because you are going to put yourself out of business. People can’t afford 100k trucks and 85 k cars that’s not worth it .

  10. Jeff

    How about we remove the idiots making the EPA and CAFE regulations? Why does everyone avoid the real problem???

    1. Michael Lofton


  11. hottoddy

    What side of his mouth is Farley talking out of this time ? Desperately trying to hold on to the base that supported the brand long before anyone knew who he was while throwing them under the EV bus at the same time. He has a future in politics.

  12. JW

    Liar! Just look at what he said 2 years ago about phasing out V8s. He is flat out lying.

  13. Daniel

    Yeah, and meanwhile he’ll keep building JUNK! Ford is finished.

  14. Rex

    Can you not fight this totalitarian BS? climate change is a fairy tail and the epa is an unconstitutional money sucking scheme invented by Nixon and taken over by rabid earth worshiping zealots who are hell bent on destroying the US economy. Fight it you weakling fools or be soi bois and surrender

  15. letmepicyou

    Can we be honest for a second?
    First of all, ICE technology has been SERIOUSLY held back, PURPOSEFULLY. Point of order, the key to unlocking the full potential of the ICE engine is the SOLENOID VALVE TRAIN.

    Solenoid-operated valves do away with:
    The camshaft
    The rocker arms
    The push rods
    The timing chain
    And what it introduces is LIMITLESS camshaft profiles at the TOUCH OF A BUTTON.
    Imagine a 2.0 Liter engine that you could dial from 50 to 200 hp. From an ACTUAL economy mode to an ACTUAL performance mode, with the flick of a switch or spin of a dial.

    This technology can be implemented TODAY. I could build you a fully modular 2-cylinder boxer engine that could be scaled endlessly to be linked together. 1 Module and you have a 2 cyl. 2 modules and you have a 4 cyl. 3 modules and you have a 6 cyl. And so forth. It could be made light and strong, especially without the need for a camshaft to be integrated into the block.

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg for ICE, folks. We think we’re at the pinnacle of ICE tech because of wowie-zowie engines in the new Vette, BMW, ect. Folks, we haven’t even scratched the surface. So much is being restricted.

    And lets talk for a moment also about BIG STEEL and BIG ALUMINUM and BIG OIL’S stranglehold on the automakers, can we? Would you all like to know why our cars aren’t made almost entirely out of carbon fiber? Here’s a hint: It’s not cost. Cost is the symptom, not the disease.

    The reason our cars aren’t made entirely of carbon fiber is because there has been NO SPENDING ON CARBON FIBER INFRASTRUCTURE. It is SPENDING ON CARBON FIBER INFRASTRUCTURE which will make carbon fiber CHEAP. Because, let’s face it…it’s CARBON. People, we’re MADE of carbon. Everything I burn…whoopsie! There’s some carbon! The reason we haven’t spent on CF infrastructure is BIG OIL, BIG ALUMINUM, and BIG STEEL.

    Whoever spends real money on building carbon fiber mega-factories and carbon-fiber infrastructure will usher in a new era where our cars and trucks can weigh 1,000 lbs less but STILL BE STRONG. And what a boon for fuel economy THAT would be, if your new F-150 starts around 4,000 lbs. What if with the flick of a switch, every vehicle coming off the assembly line started at 3,000 lbs instead? A 25% weight reduction is about a 20% reduction in fuel costs. Real world. So why aren’t we MAKING them invest in carbon fiber EVERYWHERE???

    1. letmepicyou

      Oh and it also does away with the lifters…forgot the lifters…and all associated hydraulic passageways that would otherwise be associated with the valve train. Solenoid valves, completely variable duration, lift, overlap, timing, ect. There is no limit to “camshaft profiles” with solenoid valves. They’ve been experimented with already.


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