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John Hennessey Applies For 2025 Ford Mustang GTD

The Blue Oval shocked the world when it revealed the all-new 2025 Ford Mustang GTD last August, and for good reason – it’s expected to be the most capable, highest-performing factory-built, road-going pony car in that model’s 60-year history. Unfortunately for most mere mortals, however, the 2025 Ford Mustang GTD won’t be easy or cheap to acquire, with a price tag north of $300k and limited availability, coupled with the fact that one must apply for that privilege and ultimately be approved. Applications for the Mustang GTD opened up just a few weeks ago, and now, we know that at least one person – John Hennessey – is among its applicants.

We know this because the creator and CEO of Hennessey Performance posted a picture of his application on Instagram recently, adding that he’s “saying my prayers that Ford Performance will take my $300k++ as the Ford Mustang GTD is going to be legendary!” Given his prominence in the industry, coupled with the fact that Hennessey continues to churn out high-performance variants of multiple Blue Oval models, we imagine that he won’t necessarily be at the bottom of the priority list, however.

Hennessey may also stand a better chance of securing a 2025 Ford Mustang GTD if The Blue Oval decides to extend its production run beyond the originally planned 2,000 units – as Ford Authority exclusively reported back in October. Regardless, the namesake of the Texas-based tuner – and everyone else trying to purchase a GTD – will also be required to put down a hefty deposit for that privilege as well – at least 50 percent of the vehicle’s purchase price, in fact.

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  1. Mark B

    The GTD will almost definitely see new order extensions. Just like the GT did. I’m sure the margins are there to keep producing these as long as the limited edition threshold isn’t exceeded.

  2. Sigmundtheseamonster

    The fender cut out and wing are ridiculous.

    1. Screaming Lizard

      The cut out increases downforce on the front wheels by reducing air-packing in the wheel wells. It also increases airflow around the front-end aero by speeding up the airflow.

      The wing increases rear downforce.

      The car is intended to be a “track fighter”, thus Ford will give it any aero advantage it can.

  3. beck

    Hope it doesn’t have a 10 speed trans that is fail prone

  4. Mf

    Hennessey is a crook. Ford would be wise to not become attached to that guy in any way


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