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Lincoln Dealer Now Offering Reward After Wheel Thefts: Video

Blue Oval models such as the Ford F-150 have long topped the list of the most stolen vehicles in the U.S., largely due to their popularity – and that was once again the case in 2023, as Ford Authority recently reported. However, thieves are targeting not only people’s driveways and public parking lots, but also, automaker-owned storage lots, and even dealerships, as we’ve seen time and time again – stealing not only entire vehicles, but also, individual parts that are worth significant money on their own. That was the case at a Lincoln dealership in Englewood, Colorado recently after thieves made off with a number of wheels, and now, that same dealer is offering a reward for information leading to their arrest, according to Fox 31 News.

Landmark Lincoln Dealership Wheel Thefts

Over the course of the past six weeks, the Lincoln dealership – Landmark Lincoln – has seen thieves make off with tens of thousands of dollars in wheels, as well as tires and even brake components, on two different occasions. Both thefts were caught on camera, showing the perpetrators entering the lot, using a jack to lift the vehicles, and then removing the aforementioned parts from multiple models before making their getaway.

Landmark Lincoln Dealership Wheel Thefts

Problem is, this is costing the dealer plenty of money in terms of replacing those parts, as well as the time and labor involved with that process. As a result, Landmark Lincoln is installing wheel locks on all of their vehicles – along with new high-definition security cameras at the dealership – but it’s also now offering a $20,000 reward for anyone who can help identify and convict those that committed these crimes.

“They come in and canvass the lot, and they see when is a good time to come in, which has been like 11 to 12 o’clock at night. And they’ll send in the guy kind of sneaking around the lot,” said Landmark Lincoln general manager Ed Safko. “They’ll park right on South Broadway and they’ll load up right there, so I mean they are not shy at all. The damage on just one car, it was close to 10 grand, the wheels and tires and brake parts. You order the parts and try and rush them in and it’s a big expense. Car parts are not inexpensive, so it hurts us when we come in and see something like this.”

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  1. Ed Witt

    Dealer Tom is one of the best Lincoln dealers in the country! Anyone who knows him loves him for his passion and commitment to Lincoln. I hope the thieves are caught and punished!!

    1. Cigna

      They will be caught but, unfortunately will not be given the appropriate punishment. They should get at least 10 years jail time plus a fine double the cost of the wheels.

  2. nancy torossian

    I’m confused as to why the dealership doesn’t have security guards driving around at all times of the night and early morning to ward off the thieves. Not just security cameras. It would cost less than to replace what the thieves stole. Just keep the guards driving around and around the dealership. Sounds like a no brainer solution.

  3. William J. Offutt jr.

    I aiity gree that secury guards that could hold them for police officers. It would be cheaper than the losses per car.

  4. Dave Mathers

    In the 80s we had a white German Shepherd guard dog in our storage compound. One morning we came in and found a ‘bite-sized’ piece of blue jean material AND a similar sized hunk of flesh!! On the advice of our insurance agent we had one of our employees adopt her. GOOD girl!!

  5. aber rodriguez

    I’m sorry I have buy two cars from doral Lincoln a I m very happy
    With your services

  6. Ron

    Hire on site security guards, duh, 5th grade thinking level.

  7. rapturd

    Wheel locks…LOL


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