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Lincoln Has Fifth Highest Share Of 2023 Models At Dealer Lots

Automotive inventory remained at or near record lows for years following the onset of the pandemic, a problem that began with weeks-long plant shutdowns and was intensified by various supply chain issues. However, things have improved substantially as of late, which has created a new problem for certain brands – now, many have far too much inventory sitting on dealer lots. That list includes Lincoln, which apparently still has a large number of leftover 2023 model year vehicles sitting around waiting to be sold.

In fact, Lincoln has the fifth highest share of 2023 model year vehicles still sitting on dealer lots among all brands, according to Edmunds, as those models account for 12.9 percent of the total market. That ranks Lincoln behind only Dodge (52.6 percent), Chrysler (38.4 percent), Buick (17.6 percent), and Ford (14.7 percent). Lincoln’s average discount on those models remains lower than much of the competition at $4,625, compared to $6,753 for Dodge and $6,252 for Chrysler, to boot. As for the overall market, previous model year inventory grew from 5.4 percent last May to 6.8 percent this past month, while average discounts rose from $1,919 last year to $4,147 in May 2024.

“Supply chain disruptions and limited inventory left little to be excited about in summer holiday car shopping the past few years, but discounts on outgoing model year vehicles this Memorial Day weekend are a bright spot for consumers in an otherwise challenging market,” said Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds’ head of insights. “For dealers and automakers, the trend serves as a moment of caution surrounding the old habits of overproduction and inventory glut. It’s also a reminder that the expensive vehicles now being discounted were strong sellers one to two years ago, showing just how significant high interest rates are in today’s market.”

For Lincoln, specifically, high inventory levels are a problem that has perpetuated for some time now, however. In fact, as Ford Authority previously reported, Lincoln’s days supply of inventory has remained well above the industry average through the first four months of 2024 – hitting 144 days’ supply in April, in fact, compared to the overall average of 76 days – making life rather difficult for the luxury brand’s dealers in the process.

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  1. Rob A

    Having the Nautilus built in China is not going to help the problem of too much inventory on their lots! And if the 100% tariff on vehicles coming in from China applies to it, they will be totally unsaleable.

  2. Earl

    The built in China Nautilus is not subject to the tariff. Auto Line daily made the point that they were. And the next day corrected themselves. It electric cars made in China that are subjected to the tariff

  3. Ron

    Ford just needs to bury Lincolin, no one wants a re badged Ford.

    1. GerryR

      No, Lincoln needs to be competitive again. Ford hates Lincoln given there’s no product we want to buy in the current lineup

  4. Don

    I’d rather have any Lincoln (I’ve had the honor of owning 2), than a “Cattle ac” (the one I owned was actually 2 cars! The FIRST and the LAST “Cattle ac” I’ll ever own! Don’t even want to ride in one to the cemetary!!!


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