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Lincoln Nautilus Song Gets Full Length Version: Video

The redesigned 2024 Lincoln Nautilus debuted last year, and just began shipping to dealers this past March, bearing a large number of new features ranging from its exterior styling to an award-winning interior design with a massive coast-to-coast screen spanning the dash. This is obviously reason for a special marketing campaign – something that Ford has been more than willing to deploy as of late – but turning a 30-second ad background musical track into a full length song likely wasn’t something the automaker expected to do. Yet, that’s precisely what has now happened, following a request from a number of fans, according to AdAge.

As is typically the case, The Blue Oval launched a short, 30-second ad spot for the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus on YouTube, just as it does for many products. However, that video quickly became one of the most-watched clips on that platform in short order, though for a very interesting reason – viewers wanted to figure out what the song playing in the background of the ad was. In fact, these demands quickly spread to other social media platforms, and even an entire Reddit thread, to boot.

Turns out, that song wasn’t actually a song, however, but rather, a 30-second snippet developed specifically for the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus ad. Regardless, FoMoCo went to the trouble of giving its fans what they wanted, and contacted the studio that developed the original tune – Heavy Duty Projects – and asked them to create a full version of that same track.

The result is a roughly two and a half minute track dubbed “Kaleidoscope Bliss (The Nautilus Song),” which is now present on not only Lincoln’s social media channels, but also, streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal, helping the brand connect with a whole new type of customer. The ad helped “increase our relevance with folks who might not be current or prior owners … our intended target and strengthen relationships with our current clients through those authentic, valuable conversations on social,” said Jon Pearce, Hudson Rouge’s global chief creative officer. It also prompted “curious, younger consumers coming in [to dealerships] and wanting to hear more about the new Nautilus,” Pearce added.

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  1. Frank

    Made in China…

  2. Bill Hall

    What is Ford doing making cars in CHINA?

  3. Tigger

    What a lame idea. Spend money fixing the product not on stupid songs.

  4. Johnnie F

    Song sounded similar to Stevie Nicks. It held my attention for abt a minute because I was much more interested in seeing the March shipping date to dealers. Waiting for my Nautilus is an annoying event.

    1. Murray Henley

      Exactly! I was about to write this. Vintage Fleetwood Mac with Stevie Nicks vocals.


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