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Lincoln Rival Cadillac Will Not Go Fully Electric By 2030

As global demand for all-electric vehicles began to taper off last year, a handful of automakers also changed their strategy in that particular segment, too. This includes Ford, which has shifted its focus toward smaller, cheaper EVs while delaying others, all while launching a new ad campaign touting its variety of powertrain options. Lincoln has followed suit, shifting its focus away from electrification almost entirely and delaying the implementation of its EV dealer sales program, moves echoed by one of its chief rivals, Mercedes-Benz. Now, Cadillac is the latest domino to fall, as it no longer plans to go fully electric by 2030 as previously expected, according to GM Authority.

It was a mere three years ago that Cadillac announced it had launched its last new ICE model, instead vowing to only develop EVs from that point forward prior to a total electric transition by 2030. Since then, GM’s luxury brand has debuted a number of new EVs, including – most recently – the 2025 Cadillac IQ Escalade. However, those plans have since changed amid evolving consumer demand, it seems.

According to John Roth, Cadillac’s Global Vice President, the luxury brand will continue to expand its EV offerings, but will no longer phase out its ICE models by 2030. Much like Ford, this new approach will focus on “luxury of choice,” according to Roth, giving customers a number of options in terms of what kind of powertrain they wish to purchase.

This is certainly a sharp turnaround from just a few years ago, as in 2019, then Cadillac president Steve Carlisle said that 2030 would represent “the end of the ICE age for Cadillac,” and in 2021, the brand’s global president at the time, Rory Harvey, echoed those sentiments by reiterating that Caddy did, in fact, plan on going EV-only by that same date.

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  1. Mortimer Duke

    Like Ford and Cadillac, Lincoln would be wise to follow suit. How many of Lincoln’s primary demographic have charging infrastructure in their homes or would be likely to add it at their ages? I realize Lincoln wants to skew younger but one needs to dance with those who actually show up. I still miss the Corsair’s 2.3L.

  2. R. John McKinley

    I would like to see a hot rod Lincoln sedan, one that would drive the “old man to drinking”.

  3. William J. Offutt jr.

    I still like my 2016 Ford Flex with only 30,000 miles on it. Why because it’s RELIABLE ! Remote starting from my house, provides excellent air conditioning and heating , including heated seat . The local Sheetz is less than 2 blocks away, including a full car wash, coffee , sandwiches , and a deli. What do I need an electric auto without any of those comforts ?

  4. r\\Ron

    Wow, aut makers just realize no one wants EVs

  5. Eddie Dumont Jr

    This administration needs to focus on the security of the nation and our sad state of affairs regarding the economy, not an EV. How much jet fuel is being used for ” Lurch” to fly all over pushing for EV’S? A lot!


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