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S650 Ford Mustang May Shed Weight To Boost Performance

The launch of the all-new S650 generation 2024 Ford Mustang is one that’s notable for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it no longer has any direct competition following the (at least temporary) discontinuation of the Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger, while the Charger is set to return with either an inline-six or all-electric power. However, it seems as if The Blue Oval remains focused on making its iconic pony car better, even in spite of that lack of traditional competition.

In a recent interview with Autocar, Ford CEO Jim Farley stated that the automaker has already implemented a development program that seeks to find ways to shed weight from the S650 Ford Mustang – specifically, for future variants of the pony car. Farley added that reducing weight is also one way to keep development costs down while also increasing performance, too.

In fact, removing weight from the S650 Ford Mustang could be a way for the automaker to develop a more affordable version of the hyper-expensive, hyper-capable GTD. As Ford Authority exclusively reported earlier this month, a “lite” version of the GTD is currently under consideration at The Blue Oval, one that could offer up supreme performance with a much lower price tag than that $300k, limited-edition supercar.

One thing that we do know for sure is that there are at least a few future Ford Mustang variants under consideration, as Farley has admitted in the same interview – which could help expand an already growing, motorsports-focused lineup. That list includes not only a lite version of the GTD, but also, possibly a sedan and/or hybrid variant, though not any kind of off-road-focused model, a pure EV, or even an SUV/crossover, according to the executive.

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  1. Camaro Dude

    Hopefully they can improve the handling. One thing Mustang still can’t catch up with is the handling and steering feel from the Camaro.

    I plan to upgrade from our 2016 Mustang to an s650 GT but the s650 needs a price adjustment and some weight savings.

  2. Mark B

    It’s been noted that the S650 put on a couple of hundred pounds from it’s S550 cousin, which was already tipping the scales at 3,700 plus.

  3. John

    Hell yeah, let’s go!

  4. DWH

    From information floating around. I’m finding your statement the other way around as mentioned by CJ Pony Parts who weighed both similarly equipped vehicles.

    CJ Pony Parts : There have been a ton of rumors circulating around the curb weight of the S650 generation. People have said that the new S650 is around 200 pounds more than the equivalent S550, but that’s just false. We took the time to weigh each Mustang ourselves and the results are clear. The S650 is not only lighter than the S550, but it also makes more stock horsepower than the previous generation.

  5. William Sanderson

    Yeah, a weight “save” at ford is NOT a development cost save. It means re-dving the part, management questioning, and 2 years to launch. This isn’t some aftermarket crap with no warranty, it has to actually last the lifetime. You can can’t just change a spec from steel to aluminum. May be a variable cost save, but so not a development cost save. Another management quote of the uninformed.

  6. jon lancing

    I keep reading they introduce more nanny stuff. Now they might add an automatic door opener what just more weight another motor and parts with it.

  7. hottoddy

    lighter in no way means less expensive. Get ready to pay for it when you pull the trigger

  8. Jim

    I agree with the last comment I would like to trade my 2015 prem Anniversary pkg when the 650 sheds a few lbs. Prices were fair back in 2015 and a few years ago the prices went up to much. Thats not what help make the Mustang a success in 1964


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