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Steeda Debuts Ford Police Interceptor Bushing Support Kit

Though the Ford Police Interceptor Utility is only sold to law enforcement, those same vehicles eventually wind up in consumer hands via auctions. That’s certainly been true of the old Crown Victoria police cars, which have become quite popular not only as fun, sporty, and large sedans to tool around in, but also, to harvest parts from for other builds. Now, those that are looking to beef up one particular part of the Ford Police Interceptor Utility – whether it be law enforcement or the public – have a new way to do precisely that as well.

Steeda Ford Police Interceptor Utility Bushing Support Kit

That’s because Steeda just debuted its new Ford Police Interceptor subframe bushing support kit, which fits 2020-2024 models and retails for $299.95. This new kit is designed to prevent those SUVs from losing traction due to bushing deflection, as well as help eliminate wheel hop and rear subframe movement and extend the life of those same bushings, which are unique to the police version of the Explorer. As Steeda points out, this can lead to other issues such as a disconnected feel and spongey handling.

Steeda’s Ford Police Interceptor Utility subframe bushing support kit contains pieces made from billet aluminum that are CNC-machined in-house, resulting in a multitude of improvements, and without any increase in noise, vibration, and harshness. It’s also just the latest police-friendly kit from the aftermarket outfit, which actually makes and sells its own gussied-up law enforcement-focused SUV dubbed the Steeda SSV Explorer.

While this new subframe bushing support kit is only compatible with the Police Interceptor Utility, Steeda also offers an array of upgrades for the civilian Explorer, too. That list includes a differential support system designed to reduce differential movement when accelerating, as well as a handful of upgrades geared toward the high-performance ST, too.

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