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Steeda Reveals New Ford Explorer Differential Support System

Aside from making and selling parts for vehicles like the Ford Mustang and Ford Bronco, Steeda also offers an array of upgrades for the performance-focused Ford Explorer ST, too – not to mention a law enforcement version of the crossover as well. Though it’s already pretty capable in stock form thanks to its beefed-up suspension and the twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 EcoBoost powerplant that churns out 400 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque, there’s still some room for improvement, and in that vein, Steeda offers an assortment of modifications for the high-performance crossover. Now, the same company has added another one to its catalog, this time, a differential support system for a wider array of Ford Explorer models.

Steeda 2020-2024 Ford Explorer Pro Differential Support System 003

The new Steeda Ford Explorer Pro Differential Support System fits that particular vehicle from the 2020-2024 model years in XLT, ST-Line, Limited, Timberline, ST, King Ranch, and Platinum trims, with one specific goal in mind – reducing differential movement when accelerating. As Steeda points out, such movement can increase wear and tear on other components, so this is about more than just improving performance.

Steeda’s new differential support system for the Ford Explorer consists of a CNC machined rear differential brace, differential brace bushings, and rear differential bushings, each of which are designed to not only reduce movement, but also, result in a more connected, direct feel for the road as well. Differential movement is a known issue in this generation of the Explorer, and eliminating it results in smoother acceleration with less shock placed on the drivetrain.

Steeda 2020-2024 Ford Explorer Pro Differential Support System 002

Additionally, Steeda notes that these parts are quite easy to install as well, and don’t increase noise, vibration, or harshness (NVH). Installing the kit doesn’t require any additional modification either – it’s a straight bolt-in, so removing it is easy as well, and one can even replace the differential fluid without removing it. The new Steeda Ford Explorer Pro Differential Support System is available to purchase now for a retail price of $649.95.

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