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Supercharged 2006 Lincoln Town Car Signature Up For Auction

The Lincoln Town Car has long represented one of the very best in American luxury sedans, the type of large, luxurious machine that endeared itself to multiple generations of people seeking precisely that. What the Lincoln Town Car isn’t, of course, is a high-performance machine, one capable of accelerating in a straight line as fast as something like, say, a sports car. However, we recently saw a rather interesting Town Car with a supercharged Mustang Cobra V8 underhood surface for sale, and now, this supercharged 2006 Lincoln Town Car Signature is also currently up for grabs at Cars & Bids, too.

Supercharged 2006 Lincoln Town Car Signature - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

This particular Lincoln Town Car looks largely stock on the outside, save for its 18-inch wheels, which are wrapped with a set of 305/45R18 Nitto NT555R Extreme Drag tires in the rear, along with Hot Wheels decals and a hood bulge. It also features a few suspension mods in the form of Metco Motorsports billet upper and lower control arms, as well as a billet Watts link, but otherwise, there’s nothing here that might suggest that we’re actually looking at a sleeper.

Supercharged 2006 Lincoln Town Car Signature - Interior 001

The same isn’t true of the interior, however, which has some auxiliary gauges mounted smack in the middle of the dash, and one will notice that things like the climate control system and radio have been removed – signaling that weight reduction is important. That is certainly the case, because under the hood, the car’s stock 4.6L V8 has been treated to a massive array of upgrades that boost output up to a reported 540 horsepower.

Supercharged 2006 Lincoln Town Car Signature - Engine Bay 001

Aside from receiving a Vortex supercharger, this V8 is also equipped with beefier internals, Trick Flow heads, Comp Cams camshafts, and a literal laundry list of go-fast goodies. The fortified powerplant is mated to a four-speed automatic transmission that’s also been beefed up, sending power to a rear end stuffed with 3.90 gears. It’s a true, luxurious hot rod of sorts – in spite of its lack of tunes and air conditioning – and makes for one enticing sleeper, if nothing else.

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  1. Dale Dantoni

    Removing the HVAC and radio for Weight reduction…? You’re joking right?

    That horrific race car set up completely ruined it for me. It means they didn’t bother to hook any of it up because they more than likely couldn’t get any of it working again. Which has been the case for generations of “Hot Rodders.”

    Weight reduction lmfao 🤣 it’s a land yacht. If you think the radio and hvac adds weight you should’ve picked a different car.

    Great idea. Poor execution. Anyone can swap an engine. It takes a lot more of a Mechanic to get everything working properly afterwards.

  2. Daniel

    Yes you are right.I don’t think they didn’t put the not because of the weight but because more of loss of horsepower.


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