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This Is The Last North American Ford Edge Ever Produced

We’ve known for years now that production of the Ford Edge at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada was slated to end at some point, and as Ford Authority reported back in late January, that date was revised for the final time, sealing the crossover’s fate at the conclusion of April. This marked the literal end of the line for the Ford Edge, at least in North America, as a new variant called the Edge L debuted for the Chinese market in February 2023. Now, we’re getting a look at the last Ford Edge built at the Oakville plant thanks to Adam Smietanka, who posted this photo on Facebook recently.

Aside from showing off the last Ford Edge to be built at the Oakville facility, the crossover is surrounded by the workers that help produce that popular model over the course of quite a few years – 2007-2024, in fact. There’s also a sign proclaiming that a grand total of 2,609,545 Edges were built in total over that timeframe, an impressive figure by any measure.

Now, the same workers that have been cranking out Ford Edge crossovers all these years will be facing a pretty long lull in production following FoMoCo’s decision to delay the production start date of the forthcoming three-row Ford Explorer EV for North America. The retooling process at Oakville will commence in Q2 as originally planned, but production of the Explorer EV isn’t expected to begin until 2027, rather than 2025, as originally planned.

Ford reportedly considered extending Edge production following this delay, but ultimately decided that it wasn’t possible due to “supply case constraints and emissions requirements.” As such, the Canadian union Unifor and Ford are working to figure out ways to mitigate the impacts of this delay on workers at Oakville, though this decision also figures to have wider reaching impacts on suppliers and even the Canadian government.

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  1. Roger

    We dont want E V s I will never buy one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Richard Morley

    Sad day for Ford. A company needs to listen to its customers to survive.

  3. Rob

    Stupid for ending the Edge. Stupid Stupid Stupid. I hope Ford regrets doing this.

  4. Bill Hall

    My wife and I own 2 Ford Edges and they are the perfect vehicle for us. Ford should realize that they are what people if they have sold over 2.1 million of them.

  5. Mike Quinn

    I have a 2011 Edge with 151,000 miles and I have no plans to retire this car anytime soon. Best car I’ve ever owned!!!

  6. Murray Henley

    Glad I got myself a 2024 Edge SEL before production ended. It’s my third Edge SEL in a row, after a 2017 and a 2020.

    Now, Ford has three years to launch something I am willing to buy. When my lease ends in 2027, I am not buying a truck or an EV.

  7. Robert P

    Now move on to what will put Ford close to being out of business!!! Let’s all follow the elitist’s next big fraud, the non-existant climate crisis!!! The whole EV thing is going to be a big ZERO!!!
    And the best part is, that it is ALL BASED ON LIES!!! Did we not learn our lesson from the last elitist FRAUD that started in 2020??? Apparently NOT!!!

  8. John Ready

    Best wishes to the crew at Oakville , I hope you end up with a good vehicle to build that will sustain you for years to come. Thanks for building my 2024 Edge ST-Line, awesome car !

  9. William J. Offutt jr.

    Why is the Co. run so poorly ? Henry Ford realized that the Model T and the Model A kept customers ! When will the EV guys realize that they are producing the Titanic , or the Lisitania Disasters ? They killed the Flex , now the Edge ! They produced the Lincoln disasters , which is losing business as well ! I stopped buying Lincolns , as I am moving to the Genesis !

    1. Kevin Vance

      Ford in my opinion has been dying a little since the Edsel, and who can forget the ever unpopular Pinto, in my opinion they never should’ve discontinued the T-Bird.

  10. Paul Bourke

    Must be trying to go bankrupt!!

  11. Paul Bourke

    Ford will close, what a disgrace

  12. Tigger

    At least Ford is a woke company!

  13. Jj

    Ford makes heavy mistake by ending it’s sedan and SUV market to the Japanese and Korean. Now China is making inroads with EV. There are still millions of Ford fans in north america. Why Ford CEO decides to succumb to foreign competition is beyond my understanding. Now only General Motors will remain as the sole competition to Europe and South East Asian brands. Poor short sighted vision from Ford senior management team.

    North America.

  14. BobT

    I loved my 2020 Edge.
    It was the perfect size for my family and for work. Escape is too small. Explorer is too expensive. So if your dead set on discontinuing the Edge then introduce something new and fresh to the US market. Not an electric version but a gas powered Everest.
    Just a thought, but most folks that would buy an electric vehicle would most likely buy a small economical version. Make some on the wheelbase of an escape in an EV and call it the Ford Phaser.


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