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Toyota Exec Says Company Not Developing Ford Maverick Rival

For years, Americans have continued to buy bigger and bigger trucks, which eventually prompted automakers to essentially kill off compacts following a long period of time when those types of vehicles were incredibly popular. When the Ford Ranger returned to the U.S. in 2019, it did so as a mid-size pickup, though consumer demand eventually prompted the creation of the compact Ford Maverick. Since it debuted for the 2022 model year, the Ford Maverick has been nothing but a bonafide hit, making it seem likely that other automakers would follow suit. However, that apparently won’t be the case with Toyota.

In a recent interview with Automotive News, Ted Ogawa, CEO of Toyota Motor North America, shot down the notion that the Japanese automaker is even considering a Ford Maverick rival – at least not an ICE-powered one. “We have no plan for that,” he said. “Still, we are studying in that area, including the electrification movement. For example, the full-size pickup, [full] electrification is not good chemistry with these customers.”

“However, in midsize or smaller size, there is more electrification opportunity compared to the full-size area,” Ogawa added. “So for us, it’s one of the opportunities to think about – the smaller size than Tacoma pickup in the future. So we will keep on talking with [Toyota Motor Corp.] side. The truck area has a very severe hierarchy – size, displacement – traditionally. It’s higher price, but with three classes [compact, midsize, full-size] there’s a lower price, but the cost of more electrification is high. So that’s now the challenge.”

This news comes as a bit of a surprise for a few reasons, aside from the Maverick’s success in the marketplace. As Ford Authority previously reported, Toyota dealers in North America have been asking the automaker for a proper Ford Maverick rival for some time, and the compact pickup counts that particular brand among its top conquests, too, signaling that it’s stealing customers away from Toyota in general. Ford Authority also spotted Toyota benchmarking a Ford Maverick just this past March, too.

However, Toyota isn’t alone in ignoring this prime opportunity, as a handful of its rivals – including General Motors and Volkswagen – have also either canceled plans to build a Maverick rival or have already admitted they have no interest in pursuing such a project.

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  1. Cigna

    I hope Toyota changes their mind about building a Maverick competitor, based on their excellent reputation, they would have no problems outselling the Maverick, just like the Tacoma handily outsells the Ford Ranger.

    1. PeterSC

      Except w the new Ranger, and the Ranger Raptor it will be a fight. The truck press has already given higher ratings to the new Ranger almost unanimously.

    2. Offib

      Toyota squandered that oppertunity a decade ago and they’ll spend another 5 years catching up if they don’t have any test mules yet

  2. PeterSC

    I think what the exec from Toyota was really trying to say is; “We were caught totally flat-footed, but I’m not going to admit that I was incompetent.”

    Especially since the Toyota “Stout” based on the Rav4 has been floating out there since the Mav’s intro.. And where exactly is Sunbaru to bring back the funky/cool BRAT/Baja?

    All good news for Ford… as long as they ditch that horrendous grill and wheels from the refresh.. (psst… Ford, consumers love the Maverick truck bc it looks like a truck. Why are you messing w this?) ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ

    1. Offib


  3. Offib

    Ted Ogawa needs his head examined.

    Toyota could’ve made a Prius pickup (with the V, C and plugin Prius) over a decade ago. No excuses for this amount of incompetence.

    Overselling crossovers and emotional support trucks/SUVs will inevitably lead to another 2008 crash….

  4. Don L

    The midsize Ford Ranger is as big as my 2003 F 150 , my 2014 F150 was bigger still , I traded it in for a 2023 Maverick hybrid, I love my little but roomy trucklet. It gets triple the mileage and does what I need.

  5. Don L

    Surprised Ford’s competitors don’t see how successful it is and like the other readers waiting to see if someone else goes after the market. maybe not enough profit in a small truck?


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